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29 July 2006

Gone to Ozziland


Well, actually I havent yet GONE to Australia. Flight will be departing KLIA tomorrow night (Sunday, 8:45pm). Expected to arrive in Sydney at around 6:45 am? Hmmm. Thats like, Malaysia time 4:45 am :P Uiks. Tak ngantuk ke aku nanti?

Anywayz, shud be OK.

Lepas tu, terus carik supervisor... bukak bank account (who knows which bank is de best?)
Lepas tu... ntoh la... see how the flow goes. :)

Most important is to get to know the supervisor (Dr Jian Zhang) and then, tengok la what torture
he has in store for me. kekekeke



After this I plan to do a RE-BLOG. I find that my blog is far too uninteresting to read. Ingat nak tengok a few blogs out there, and emulate their style. Lepas tu buat blog baru :) hehehehe.
Harap2 korang nak baca la. And most of it will be my life in Sydney, insya-Allah.
Ni kes nak tiru style Abang aku jugak la ni. Sib baiiik ada abang yg buleh dicontohi. Kekekekeke.

Okes. Sekian dan Bye bye

Alfian in Malaysia will be flying to Sydney.

PS:- I still with KPT would give us more money :) I lub U KPT!!!


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