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26 May 2006

Puncture - But less air is coming out


Today, I completed another session of running. Even though I tried to maintain a quicker pace than usual, and was hoping to maintain it for at least 1/2 of the run, I managed to finish (1.275km X 3)km at the running track near the Faculty of Engineering UPM :) I must say that it seems to be getting better... both my running and the environment at the track :)

Anywayz... I will enter the Utusan 10K run... which will be God knows when, cuz Mary Ann tak cakap lagi bila. But I do reckon that I need to have LOTS and LOTS of practice before even signing the registration form :) Hehehehe. But I think I have Wawa to give me some valuble pointers, and also Mary Ann to give me motivation.

Okes, today my Adidas shoes (the replacements I got due to my first pair being stolen a few months back) is giving me less problem now. In the past, I used to experience sore feet-thumbs (is my English correct here?)... But now, both the Adeprenes are starting to blen with my smelly feet :) T'is quite a good feeling dat I am not sakit anymore.

Okes. That's all today. I will from now onwards put in short2 entries only. I looked at some the past entries, and were they like ESSAYS!!! I HATE ESSAYS!!! Why on earth am I writing them to begin with! HAHAHAHA!


Orait. I go now. I will deal with some posters today, and I will definitely be looking for another free lunch today :) Cuz sometimes, the faculty has meetings, and there always seems to be some food going to waste. Dang. Tak fikir orang kat Afrika ke.

Ok. Now I really2 go

Bye bye :)

23 May 2006


The title maybe misleading

It is actually

People will associate this post with a tyre... a rubber wheel... an inflatable hollow round black contraption that can be filled with high-pressured air....

But no. It is not about tyre or a wheel of misfortunre that hit a nail and PSSSHHHHTTTTTT!!!! Habis anging...

It is about my lungs. About the air that circulates within me. About my stamina to run the distance.

I have decided to enter a race. A 10 kilometre race if I understand correctly. This would be a 'joint venture' with the ever so white and determined Mary Ann Michael.

Anywayz, regarding the puncture... I am actually referring to the slang commonly used by Malays... where the direct translation would be PANCIT! I ran this morning... and two mornings before... the end result is PANCIT! I simply cant get my act together to NOT actually lose my breath to the max.

Ok... some might argue that losing breath is part of the running routine. But it seems that I'm losing it a wee bit to fast. Heheh. And at the end of things (which is only a 20 min mid-intensity interval workout)... it seems like my lungs are going to burst. NO! Not PANCIT! I mean like explode here.

But... come to think of it... this is usually what happens when someone starts to RE-activate their lives. From dorman to moving :) From semi-couch potato to semi-marathon runner. From Glutton-to-be to Controller-of-food-intake-man (ok... I cannot come up with a good name for dat one)...

Anywayz... the journey is beginning... again. HAH! And hopefully and WILLfully... I will become the Francesco Castano or Jeremy Likness or even Tom Venuto that I want to be. Okes!!!!!!



17 May 2006

Coach me :)


I think I need to get my $$$'s worth. RM100 a month, and I only work up a sweat less than 10 days a month at the Equinox fitness centre.

But hey, I'm not alone in this enrol-and-let-it-be culture. even the millionaire lanlord Azizi Ali fell into the same trap. But at least he runs... which I cant say for myself due to my malas nature.

Anwyayz, I will meet up with Zack. Ask him about his program. And get him to coach me!
One thing I learnt from a great runner is to have a coach.
Someone to push U... someone you dont want to dissapoint
Someone you pay for results! :P


Now I go play snooker for a while.

If I stay in office, I'd waste valueble electricity by playing Hidden and Dangerous 2!!! Argh!!!

Ok :)

Assalamualaikum WBT

10 May 2006

Re Blogging Maybe - Cigarettes

It's been q few hours now since my last ciggi.

I want to quit. Really I do. But most of the time, I can't quite fathom though,...
the ciggies always wins. I've read somewhere that this guy, once upon a time, when had very little money... let the ciggies win over food.


These ciggies are strong mental occupants I see. Never did I realize their impact before trying them when I was in form 3 (15 years old). Now, I see why soo many people get trapped in the labrynth of despair.... striving to find the escape hatch towards nicotine free life.


Well, ... I stopped once before. And I believe I could do it again.



Obvious ones would be to:

1) Stray away from smokers
2) Dont buy any more cigarettes
3) Dont POW any more cigarettes
4) When I ever think about smoking... I reckon I should visit a LUNG CANCER website or something... Will GOOGLE for that later
5) Just resist the temptation


I will become a runner... So I must STOP this horrid habbit... at times it seems like an obsession...

But I dont I'm there yet... the obsession part that is.

Will prevail one day insya-Allah.

And when that day come... I will be one who can say....



Let us all STOP SMOKING!!!! For applicable readers only lah :)