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29 November 2005

Moderating, Marking and Feever :) - ISOooooooo

Assalamualaikum!!! :) Peace be Upon All of You, insya-ALLAH!!!

With the name of God the most gracious and most merciful.... :) I start today's entry.

Early this morning, I came back from ANCASA HOTEL... which is in the heart of KL....
Had to come back... I was actually moderating and also marking some final exam papers
which I made for franchise colleges. But had to come back to the faculty because of the I.S.O.

From the look of things... it dont look good for me. I'm staring N.C. (Non Compliance) straight in the face. HAH! But I won't get too beaten up about that. The whole committe is sort of N.C. already. LOL!

Anyway, in another few minutes, I'm off to ANCASA HOTEL again... to continue moderating and marking papers. It's a lot of fun when you're all well. But when yer sick like me... you just cannot enjoy the moment. I am now:

1) Still a bit feeverish. The feever tends to come back duting night time. Kinda like a ghost or something. LOL!
2) I have indigestion and some sort of diarrhoea

And at the hotel... we've got like 6 meals per day. ALL DELICIOUSO!!!! And I currently cannot enjoy them because my tounge still tastes like panadol, and my tummy is acting like Tiger Woods' durng one of his gold tourneys. LOL! He too had some sort of stomach virus and had to be rushed to the nearest restroom... WHILE TEE-ing OFF!!!


Think I'm gonna go now.

Need to find a toilet myself. :)


26 November 2005

Fever, ISO and SMM3312

Yesterday started to feel feverish.
Got home at night (around 8 pm ++), and my body was hot!!! Really2 HOT! While my wife changed into her PJs, I had to just settle with a kain sarong with no shirt! LOL!

Drank a few cups of water, had Neurofene (if thats how U spell it) and covered myself with a quilt blanket. At about 10:30 (the time I woke up)... I was drenched in sweat! But still the fever has not gone away. The back of my head and some other parts on my head were still hot. Very2 uncomfortable.

Had some more medicine, and covered myself in blankets again. At about 3am, after giving milk to our daughter, my wife joined me and cared for me.
Darn, I love it when she does that. Hehehehehehehehe. Gave me more water, more Neurofene and also a wet towel to wet my head.

This morning, woke up feeling well. But still with a bit of nausea due to the ubat I guess?

Went to a realtive's house to look at her newborn... and guess what...??? The fever came back. LOL!

Now it's back with a vengence! Argh!

Anywayz, I'll just have to fight it off becuz:

2) Have to complete file for ISO
3) Have to key in marks for SMM3312


Okie. I'm off to prayers now


ISO plus Last Minute Announcement?

ISO... oh ISO.

Here we are, trying to get the ISO thinggy, but still, the management are still lakcing the necessary skills to even manage the whole ISO thinggy.
(Aku bukan citer pasal ko la Farid Isomania. hehehehehe :P)

A bit harsh to say, but all this last minute announcements, back dated signatures plus all the havoc have made me think....

"What are we actually eyeing here? An ON PAPER ISO or a legitimate ISO based on REAL and EFFICIENT performance?"


Well, I think I'll just have to do my part, which is to get all the ISO docs up to date by TODAY!

Ahhh... today I have my finals to mark. Also due to last minute announcements. The FORMAL one that is :)

I mean... I just got back from Malacca invigilating.... and was slapped by an announcement sent to me 2 days ago stating that the final date for me to key in my grades was... TODAY!

Darn... I heard that the waiting period was brought down to 10 days.... but as far as I was concerned... it was all heresay (did I get the spelling rite?)

But turns out to be formal. And was just informed about it. All the SHIT IN THE WORLD!


ok. Maybe I had a bad day yesterday... and it still hasn't cleared up today. Maybe thats also why my blog is so damn shitty! HAH!

Anywayz, hope I havent offended anyone, and also any supporters of the faculty and department's ISO people. As far as I'm concerned, that one guy (at the top... not the most top that is so that rules the Dean out. LOL!) should just get his act together instead of slamming deparments with last minute annoucements.

Oragaaaammmmmlooooo!!! :)

23 November 2005

Mawi and Me and LODGING!!!


Ok. I think I'm starting to learn to enjoy all this a bit... A bit only la. At least now I already know what it feels like to be
LIKE a celeb. LOL! Not to say I'm getting the 100% celeb thing... maybe tempias2 sikit because I got the Mawi look a bit.

Anywayz, during this invigilating thing... I've been getting more stares from the girl students than last semester... be4 the Academy Fantasia thinggy that Mawi won. When I lok into the mirror... I can't even see the similarity between me and Mawi. But I dont know... people see it. hehehehe.

Can't say I like it 100% though. When U hear people chuckling and giggling... U kinda wonder. Are they 'kutuk-ing' me, or are they
actually saying saomething like... "Aramakkk... mamat ni lagi hensem dari Mawi la..."


Anyway, Isomania... I am still on land. Belum fly lagi. However it might come very2 soon, as the Dr in University of New South Wales has sort of given me the green light with this Video Retreival thinggy.

Hmmmm... Event based semantic detection of video. What am I gonna detect? Using what?
Programmmmmminggg.. thats it. Can't say I LOOOVEEEEE programming... but that's what I have to do. You have to do what you have to do until one day you realize that you are already an expert and can do it wihtout anyone else having to do it for you.

ok ok. Must go back to invigilating. Last paper today. But am gonna stay one extra night to get the RM40 (or is it 50) LODGING allowancce. LOL!
Nothing to lose maaaaa...


22 November 2005

Invigilating - Exams at RISDA

Hello :)

Can't write that much today. It's even a 'mircale' that I'm writing :P

I'm currently posted at KOLEJ RISDA MELAKA. It's in a small small village... quite secluded...
Ayer Pa'abas. Really2 nice and peaceful place. Will be invigilating for another 2 days. After that it's back to Bangi, and Internet connection will be abundant! Alhamdulillah!

Oh, I said it's a miracle that I'm ablt to post? Well... that's becuz the Internet connection at Kolej Risda is kinda too slow... and that there's some technical problem going on with the ISDN connection.
Apparently Streamyx cannot reach them... due to the 5 km distance from the transmitter or something.


Will be writing back soon.

I am hungry. Will go and eat after I pray :)


PS:- The nearest Internet cafe is in Masjid Tanah. Nearest and Working! The one at Alor Gajah was kinda too... well... mmmm.... not wokring :P LOL!

18 November 2005

Content Based Video Retrieval - Event based Semantic Detection

Just a little bit more until the end of my 500 word PHD draft mini proposal

Darn... I can't think anymore. And to make things worse, the UPM connection won't let me go into Google....

Anyway, I'm trying to understand this Video Retrieval thinggy.
From what I read about Content Based Video Retreival, it seems to saying that... in the case of video, you can't use the old Content Based Image Retrieval technique such as low-level feature (such as colors, edges, textures and shape) extraction....
But instead model some sort of thing... that will enable the low-level fuatures to be able to map to the semantic concepts of that particular video!


What did I just say?

I think I got all my sentences mixed up. It's 1:30 am and I'm getting pissed.

Anywayz, hope I can complete everything by tomorrow.
Plus I got my Digital Publishing paper to invigilate in another 6 hours plus! LOL!

Just to post!!!

Thank you oh patient readers...

PS:- Is this considered a rant?

17 November 2005

PHD... do i want?

As of today, I am starting to conclude that, this PHD thinggy, for me, is just like another thing that i HAVE to do. If not, I'll get fired.

Again, following the flow of what life throws at me. Hmmmm. When will I be starting to throw things back? And start controlling what I want instead of what I want to do?

Not complaining about life, but... heck... I think there's more to life than just following the flow :)
Going with flowwww... Flowing with the Goooo... What am I rembling about... No matter. That's what this blog is for. HAHAHAHA!!!

Anywayz, to keep my adsense targeted, let's talk about something I heard some time ago about gettin thin.

Okie... becoming a vegan was his solution. At the time, even though I was a whole lot flabbier than I am now, I wasn't that desperate to get thin. Becuz eating all the nice oily Malaysian food at the PPP cafe was just a too good a treat to miss!!! LOL!

The friend ate his veggies... and lost 1 kilo a day!!! Yeps... You read me write.... 1 KILOGRAM A DAY!!!!
Whoa... this was phenominal! Tremendous results! Eating veggies CAN INDEED make U thin!!! I was intrigued.
I was really2 fascinated. So I went to him to seek advice.

TO my dismay, it wasn't actually an EATING thing that made him lose weight... it was NOT EATING! Argh!!! Old starvation diets again.

His menu:

1) No rice
2) No meat, of course
3) A glass of water
4) One type of veggie; such as a tomato, a... kacang botol (whats that in BI ya?), or any other veggie.

And only this 1 meal per day.

Alamak (Japanese also say alamak you know or not. hehehehe)

This was something I did not want to do. Hehehehe. Starve myself to a thinner body? I don't think so.
Even though at the time the only way I knew how to lose weight was to eat less, eating one veggie a day was too extreme for me... or for anybody for that matter :P

Now, that I know more... I was glad that I did not follow in his footspteps. I'm also glad that he stopped that diet of his, becuz he just couldn't stand the cravings :P I mean... come on... who can resist chicken kurma, curry, kicap cooking the chicken and what not. hehehehehe.

What this guy was losing back there was not good weight. By this I mean he was burning up his MUSCLES! Darn... And to further make you all scared... form my readings... one other muscle that gets burnt... would be.... the HEART :( Dongko korma kursalaaa!!!
I mean, it's not enuff that he was losing muscle mass... he was well on his way towards heart failure as well!!!

Hmmm... scary ek?

Anywayz, just to tell U all... if you wanna lose weight. Do it the right way. Don't starve yer self. Because you'd only be 'killing me softly with this veggie'

Okie. Hope this has been informative.

And hope my adsense displays targeted ads. LOL!


14 November 2005

Feeling the BLUES of FAT!

It's been quite a long RAYA for me :) The food was great, and everything was smashing.

Gave a way duit raya, but got none anymore cuz oredi tua. LOL!

Food consumption was heavy, and there's no reason t not eat... cuz it's the festive season.
But again, people like myself, tend to over do it. Over EAT that is :)

At the end of the day, the only thing that gets satisfied is the lust-for-food-monster-within,
and also .... no one else I guess :P

Face gets bloated, stomach turns into a sppon shaped punching bag, and oh... heart burn
sometimes happens. All these are tell tale signs that the owner of the body has bitten of more than
what he could chew! LOL!

Anywayz, this week will be a new week for me. It's gonna be the preparation week for the next week.
What does this mean? Well, basically I will be preparing my food consumption table, my excercise and workout guide, and also
.... most importantly.. MY MENTAL STATE FOR CHANGE!

I've done it before and I can do it again! I WILL DO IT AGAIN!

From FAT to FIT! fat to fit... fat to fit :)

I was 83 kg once... and that was like the worst time of my life. I didn't look obese, because the way I grew fat was
.... 'global'... meaning that the fat was getting distributed evenly across my body (but certain places like my belly and
below-arm-pit area did get priority :P)

Went on Body For Life... by Bill Phillips... managed t go down to 74 :) or was t 75 kgs.
Was a good feeling. But mostly lost muscle and fat. Did not want to lose the muscle. But the way the BFL diet plan was done, it did not
cater for personalization.

Anyway, long story short, as usual my discipline wore off, and got fat again. Went up to 77 kg I guess?

Stayed there for a few months... and finally when I went to further my masters at Monash university Australia...went on MuscleNow
and loss about 6 kgs! Was quite an achievement. Then went back to Malaysia for holidays... gained back the weight in 2 months!
I was eaiting like a hog, seriously! LOL!
Then went back to Aussie, went back on Musclenow
and managed to trim my body down to 73kg. Which was good because had a balance of muscle and little fat.

The sad news now is I have to redo everything, due to indisclipline!

Will update on progress.

Doing what you like

Just read in the papers (Bertia Harian kata bini aku)....
Interview with Malaysia's 28 (going on 29 I think) year old millionaire, Irfan Khairi. Damn he's so freakin humble. hehehehehe.

Got his article up on my wall for motivational purposes. Actually, sticking up articles, writing down goals and reading them everyday, incantations and all these stuff have been preached by motivational gurus since the dawn of time :P Cuma aku je yang dok dengar... dan tak buat.

Ampes as many would say.

Anywayz, another important lesson that I've leartn is that nothing comes rolling. So, in short, all these online ventures that promise huge returns in minimum time are CRAP! And yes, this includes the notorious (whatever notorious means) Studio Traffic. LOL!

Anywayz, back to Irfan, ... he's saying that people shud do what they like. Only then can you work from morning till the next morning without even feeling burdened. Hmmmm. Very true. There's this one European smart guy (whose already dead!)... saying something like...
"It's sad that many people are living off something they hate!"

Something like that la. It was a whole lot more beautiful when he said it. hehehehe


Saja nak tambah post.

Anywayz, anyone want to be a millionaire? Sound me oso, so that we can motivate each other :)


01 November 2005

TMNET Broadband Sucks :(

This website -,
offered by TMNET themselves, are proving to be their UNdoing I'd say.

Here I am at home, in the middle of the nite (early morning to be precise), surfing the net. And I see that things are crawling a bit. So, I decide to do a speed test.

Went to, did the test, and came out poorly.

Upload was around 40 or 60 Kilo bits/sec, and dload was 290++ Kilo bits/sec
Darn, they promised 512K :P At least 90% would do. But hey, maybe I got it wrong because I tested it from a USA server.

Anyway, went to, clicked on the TMNET Speedometer, if that's what it's called...

Upload time - 230++ Kbits/sec
Download time - 290++ Kbits/sec

Hmmmm.... For RM66 per month (without the modem), I think that's really2 slow :(
And they call it broadband Internet. I agree that it's faster than a 128Kbit/sec ISDN connection... but Telekom Malaysia's monopoly has to end. Because they're not building sufficient infrastructure to support their wide customer base (it has to be wide, cuz not many people have a choice).

But hey, maybe I'm complaining too much. Maybe this is the best they can give. Even though annoying, I have to live with it. :P (NOT!)

I think they have to get out of this rutt of below-average service. I mean, YOU GUYS ARE A GIANT TELCO! ACT LIKE ONE!!!!


Hear that JARING is offering better deals now :) Hope they're gonna make things change. But... when I come to think of it,... even Jaring has to go thru lines set up by Telekom rite? Or am I wrong... :) I just hear these things from friends. They don't actually work at Telekom, but I truest them to Telekom! LOL!

Anywayz, let us all pray, for everyone's sake, that all the services would be up to par, and all Malaysians can surf the waves of the Internet with a fully waxed board, plus with raging wavesss!!! WHOAAAAAA!!! (Did I get that right? Anywayzzz...)