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26 January 2006

One man's trash is another man's treasure... or innovation in this case...

First and foremost, I'd like to start the post with something irrelevant :) I'd like to show a shot that my friend took of me during the Digital Image Workshop he conducted. It was held on the 21st of January 2006 at one of the lecture theatres at UPM :) Here's the promotional poster as well as the pic I want to show.

Well... nothing like self promotion. Hehehehe. Saje nak tunjuk muka kat web. Sekali sekala ye dok?


As I was walking around the faculty yesteday, I stumbled upon an interesting scene. It was the waste paper basket outside of one of my colleague's room. He put it out so that the cleaners could come and clear the trash for him. This is commonly done by lecturers, and it's the cleaners' job also to take the trash out.

But yesterday morning, it wasn't the cleaners who came first. It was just plain old curious-and-ready-for-something-crazy Alpyan :) Aku la tu :)

What I saw in the waste basket were TWO perfectly new slipper/sandals/plastic capals... or what ever you wanna call 'em. DAMN! THey were BRAND NEW! Why on earth has this man thrown them away!!???

Having the mind of the great Sherlock Holmes (no matter how fictionla he may be).... I decided to look deeper into the cause of this... this... disposal... Slowly... I picked them out of the basket... Smelled new... OK! I did not put my nose close to the sandals if that's what youre thinking. It's just that strong shop or BAU KEDAI odour.... Brand new sandals... in the bin... WHY......

It wasn't long until I realized that there was a major tear at the side... rendering it useless!!! BUT!!!! Was it?


Since there was nothing else in the basket except for the sandals... I concluded that it was SAFE and RELATIVELY HYGENIC to bring back :) I was now attempting to repair these poor foot-vehicles. I mean... give em a chance to serve before being brutally thrown into the trash compactor!!! Besides... I was looking for a pair of sandlas anyway... just for office use :)

After sitting on the project overnight... I finally managed to come up with an INGENIOUS way to make it stick for a realatively long time...
Initially I tried that BLACK TAPE stuff. But that quickly gave when water came into the equation (masa ambik ayor semayang... basah... langsung tercabut)....
The current idea... should hold these slippers together :) And hopefully, I could get my hands on a Super Glue or something....

The current fix looks like this. (Click to enlarge)

Hehehe. So, I think this would last for a while. Nanti kalu dah tercabut, kita HAMMER NGAN PAKU PULAK!!!

Sekian, Assalamualaikum WBT

22 January 2006


Today I'd like to talk about apples. Yes... green, red, yellow... are there any other colors?

Anyway... I'd like to write about the act of eating apples. Normally... when people NEVER FINISH THE APPLE!!!!!! ... this pisses some parties off!!!! (ok, it pisses me off)

Allow me to explain.

We start off with a whole apple.

Red, juicy... deliciosooo!!! Usually people start eating from the sides. And then slowly (or speedily for some) make his/her way to the other sides... Until at one point... the apple looks like this...

But for some... they don't even bother to get to this point... The meal ends with the apple looking like... like.... an unfinished apple... Sorry for the unsuccessful attempt at finding an analogy :P

Anyway.... Here's the pic:

Ok.... this is definitlely not the way to go. And it's absolutely a whole lot wrose than the 'normally' finished apple (the pic before).
What a waste! Just imagine the people in famine struck coutries liek Africa, Afghanistan and also North Korea!!!

Why stop and leave some parts of the apple to rot? FINISH THE WHOLE THING!!!

Ok. Here what happens when I eat an apple.
The only thing that gets left behind are:....

Yeps... I go all the way until only the seeds are left. Unfortunately, apple's dont grow that well in Malaysia's climate. So I cannot plant them in my backyard. Then I wont have to buy additional apples.

BUT! Yes... it is possible to finish the apple... Even the stem can be eaten... But you have to get used to the taste first. Hehehehe.

Just make your way as you normally would. And then... carefully, eat the white 'flesh'.... until dark shades start to appear. This means you're nearing the seeds. Carefully, remove the seeds... and then, after all has been taken out... just GOBBLE up the whole thing... And then throw the seeds onto grassy or soiled land.. so that eveything gets bio-degraded. :)

After that, you would get the satisfaction of yer life... for finishing one WHOLE apple, and getting you money's worth... plus not to mention... being a sensitive WORLD citizen, not taking what you have for granted... let it be a small red apple :)

Ok... I actually try to understand why people only eat apples up to one point.
I myself used to eat that way.... until I was taught the art of APPLE FINISHING by Asyran bin Ahmad (Mok!!!!)... a math genius from Kelantan :)

Anyway.... my theories are:

1) It's already been conditioned... people watch TV and commercials, and read comic strips and newspapers... or even see other people who eat apples.... if there's a picture of an apple... or an eaten apple... it will always appear as the commonly seen, 'side-is-eaten-but-not-the-rest',

2).... shoot. I can only thing of one.

So.... I am now promoting the eating of the whole apple. Eat until there is nothing left.
But please do not eat the seeds, for they might not blend well in your tummy. Plus, they come out whole! And you might just recognise them if you happen to peek down into the bowl :)
which is not reccommended.

Ok. That is all from me. Oh... BTW, this is Apple's Logo. Unrelated... but still, this is an example of promotion of wastage. PLUS! Not to mention strengthening the long-held belief that apples are fruits that should not be wholly finished!
(ok... I am exaggerating here... please scrap that last bit of information.)

I am over ToothBrushes. I am an apple man now. But I lack the $$$ to buy an I-Mac ...

Mat Nabil, you think we can rompak one of those GAJAH PUTIH's in the lab? I dont think anyone will notice... for ... ok... they are white... and have officially earned the White Elehant reputation for lack of use and accumulation of dust.



19 January 2006


Once upon a time, there was this one cow
He decided to hold a feast for wolves
So he called the caterers and had them prepare a feast of sirloin stakes and lamb chops,
all cooked medium rare with blood as sauce.
Before even sending out invitations, the event was already packed with wolves from all across
the land

The cow then went on stage and started to give a speech:

"I would like to welcome fellow wolfies to this innaugural event. Please enjoy the food and after that, we'll party till the night becomes day!!!"

All the wolves were perplexed. Why on earth was a cow holding a feast, that mainly consisted of meals made from his own species? But as they were all so hungry, all started to dig in. Bit by bit, the dishes were gone. Until at one point... there was nothing left. With the wolves still being hungry.... they turned their attention towards the cow. Their mouthes were dripping, and thei tummies were rumbling. It's as if you can hear the word "Beef Steak", "Top Sirloin", "Tenderloin" and the other parts of a cow.

The cow just grinned, and waited... and waited... and waited....

UNTIL Finally... one wolf attacked!

Gracefully, the cow gave a flying kick which hit the wolf's spine. It died right there on the spot.
The others, rage by their friend's demise, then attacked in droves..... Pack after pack after pack... jumped onto the cow.... But... Pack after pack after pack... all were killed. Until finally, the wolves killed formed a very-very tall mountain, which almost reached the sky.

The cow took this oppurtunity to climb to the highest peak. It was so high... that it seemed that he could reach up to the stars... and ... touch the moon.

And then... at the top, this is what he did :)

So comes the nursery rhyme... THe COW JUMPS OVER THE MOON
(Ok... the cow didnt actually jump OVER the moon. It's just an illusion plus the fact that
you eyes play trick on you)....


The cow didn't plan everything. And... this fact was also ommitted from the nursery rhyme itlsef.... Sad story :( But the fact remains....


That is the actual end. Sad... but true.
And ALL THE CHILDREN HAVE BEEN LIED TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18 January 2006


Today, I'd like to write about Oral-B toothbrush. This is because, after my last post about teethbrush, I found the oral-b range of toothbrush to be very interesting indeed. One caught my eye in particular, which is the manually operated split-head model.

Anyway, let's just talk about this model for a while. The given name is ORAL-B PULSAR. Sounds like a Nissan car model. But unlike cars, toothbrush are designed to clean, and not to pollute :P

Anyway (do you guys notice how often I use 'Anyway'?)... Let's look at what it has to offer :)

1) Micro-Pulse Bristles

More brush on a stick! :) The more the merrier I guess? More the cleaning crew. Pick up more food chunks and plaque between yer teeth. Plus, it also acts as a gum stimulator according to the oral-B website.

Why on earth would we wanto to stimulate our gums? ... Maybee.... stimulated gums have good blood flow. Good blood flow will lead to good transfer of oxygen and also other nutrients to the gum. So, in short... maybe gums of steel that don't bleed easily? I dunno. This is just my theory. I am no doctor ya.

Apprently the pulsar's new bristles is causing its elder brother, the Cross-Action be deemed useless now I guess. Cuz it can penetrate teeth 25% deeper.... There goes your job Crossie. :)

2) of course... THE SPLIT HEAD THINNGY

The kepala, or head of this contraption can actually split! Ok... if you go to the oral-B website, the animation looks kinda neat. I just wonder in real life, how it actually performs? ... only time will tell... and also if I conjure up enuff courage and $$$ to buy one of these :) Can't find one yet in Malaysia though... or have I been going to the wrong shops?

Anyway, why the split head? Besides being at the furthest-end of the advancement spectrum, it's said to adjust to the contours of the teeth, and moderates the amount of pressure applied to the teeth and gums. Sooo.... according to oral-B, your gonna get one hell of clean job! :)

Anyway... here's how the toothbrush lookes like from a few angles.

Okie. Quite interesting won't you say? I for one, am a bit jakun to see this toothbrush. CUZ IT HAS THE SPLITTING HEAD THINGGY!!!

I think I will buy one.


Had an oral-B toothbrush once also. The battery operated model. Cross Action if I'm not mistaken. But I discovered that in Malaysia, two bristles cost up to almost 30 BUCKS!!!
Dangggggg!!! It was a whole lot cheaper when I used in in Australia... :( Even though, if you convert, the price is almost the same... but the price tag over there made more sense :P


Anywayz, here's the pic....

Oki dokie... Cheerios me frens and happe TEETH-BRUSHING!!!!

17 January 2006

Not Posting For Soo Long

Its been quite a while since I posted anything.

I've been rather busy lately, and... have yet to complete my research on 'teehbrush'.


I actually plan to do some digging about the latest ORAL-B range. Seems to be quite innovative and interesting. Split-Head technology... Now.. that was really2 something :)

Anyway, will post back soon.

Just dont know when.

Oh... and another update... My body is aching a bit from gym last nite.


13 January 2006

Tooth Brush

(After writing this post, I went and did some research. Found quite a few interesting things. LOL! Might even cross out what this post has to say...Ekek ekek ekek)

Sometimes I wonder... Why everytime all these companies such as Colgate, Ora-B, Follow Me, and the rest keep coming out with newer toothbrush designs?

You've got the Oral-B Cross Action, Corss Action Vitalizer, Indicator, Advantage, and also Oral-B Stages??? Waa... Nw that one makes sense a bit :) And also macam-macam lagi... :/

I mean, has the previous one become ineffective in brushing teeth? Hehehehe.

For instance... you have colgate toothbrush brand A.... it cleans by applying some sort of rubber thinggy, combined with powerful yet soft bristles so that you could get a better brush so to speak :) And in the end, you get healthy sparkling teeth! A nice range of white ceramic tiles in yer mouth :)

And after a month... comes colgate toothbrush brand B... has additional rubber, designed in a space age type manner that it looks so neat and very2 appealing. And the claims are that it can give you a better clean than any other toothbrush.... Mmmmm... Every other toothbrush. This would mean... even your previous toothbrush Mr Colgate sir? (Or Ms Colgate ma'am for not being a male chauvesnist. hehehehe)

Actually I'm not all stressed out about this, it's just that I find it interesting that teethbrush (I created thi plural word myself. Kekekekeke) come in vearious different designs... and most importantly... in many different price ranges. In Malaysia for instance... you can get the normal looking ones for RM2 to RM4 for a 3-1 pack. The more sophisticated ones, whose designs are almost like nike-shoe-soles-on-a-stick... the prices can go beyond RM7 per toothbrush.

Mak Datuk or Mother Grandfather as some might say (ok... only I say it like that... and only in my blogs!!!) ... The main task is still tooth cleansing. But sometimes... I see the prices are hiked up soooo high that it makes yer teeth fall out... What's the use of a toothbrush when you have no teeth!!!???!!??? ... ok... I m exaggerating here :) But sometimes the prices are kinda out of this world.

But I think there's no need to fret for those who cannot afford the more glitzy, more colourful, more (suuposed-to-be) sophisticated and more expensive brushes. For from my experience... they work the same :) Maybe there's a slight difference i comfort... but that's ony at first. After 2-3 brushes... all feels the same again :)

BUT! I am talking about the good brands here.... which are the mid to high ends. If you buy the wierd-named and low-end-branded ones, you're gonna be in for a gum-bleeder.... cuz the bristles are sometimes too hard, and the design of the brushes aren't that egronimic that when you brush, it kinda slips out of your teeth area and hits your gum. ARGH!!!! I've done that a few times.... EVEN WITH MY COLGATE 3-1 PACK THINGGY!!! Bought it for approx RM5 for 3.

Hehehe. But I think I've strayed away a bit from my original intention of this post.

Why The Different Designs.... that's the focus.

It's all marketing and competition I guess. You dont only want to out do the competitor, but also yer self.

BUT! Its a whole different story with those battery operated toothbrushes (teethbrush) though :) I had one of those... th Oral-B Watthama-call-it-forget-its-name types. Has two bristle design in one head.... Man.. was that a pleasure to use. It was only then that I realized that I had some teeth that I hadn't brushed before!!! HAHAHAHA!!! And I was already 27 by then. kekekeke. Luckily, I had plenty of milk when I was a kid. So I guess the calcium helped me preserve all those un-brushed teeth. kekekeke. Gross also aaa when you think about it some more. hehehehehe.

Anywayz, that's my entry for today. I will start to blog merepek things from now on. Just had an epiphany.... Hmmmm... epiphany.... am I using this word correctly?....
But I'm not talking about that:

Signifying the end of the 12 days of Christmas, Epiphany celebrates the visit of the Three Kings to the infant Jesus as the occasion of the manifestation of the Christ to the gentiles. In Orthodox churches, where it is known as Theophany, the day commemorates the baptism of Jesus and the manifestation of the Trinity. The day is especially important in Latino/a cultures and in Orthodox churches. The Armenian Orthodox Church celebrates the nativity and theophany together. (Christianity)

Hahahhahaha. (Found it when I googled "define: epiphany")...

I'm talking about those sudden realization thinggies :)

Anyway... for all aa you out there... Happy TOOH-BRUSHING!!!!

12 January 2006

People are still asking me about Autosurfs

(This blog contains Google Ads. So if anyone sees any Google ads pertaining to Autosurf and decide to click them, please proceed with caution. I do not reccommend nor endorse any ponzi or pyrmid scheme. Autosurfs to me, are in that category. So, I would just like to make it clear that, even though some ads that appear on this site might relate to them, it is not of my doing. They are keyword and content based Google ads. Just proceed with caution. That's all)

Hi all. Since my not so good experience with Studio Traffic (ST), I have come to an almost complete conclusion that ALL Autosurfs are ponzis. Well disguised ponzis that is... especially to the not-knowers.

Anyway, I was approached by a few friends and families, asking about making money on the Internet. They were refering to Irfan Khairi (Malaysia's Young Internet Millionaire), but at the same time associating him with online pyramid schemes, or some also refer to them as online ponzis. (He by the way, hates it when associated with these types of 'businesses').

They're not to blame however. Because like I said, they are the not-knowers. So, for being not-knowers, they are innocent of all charges! :) So, I had to guide them into the right direction... towards the straight path.... towards the true path.... :)

Again I shall explain... the basics of autosurfs.

You Surf A Certain Number of Websites Per Day, and Get $$$ For Doing So.

That's basically it. Sound sooo easy. And sounds like soooo easy money. Who wouldn't want easy $, especially with promises made by these ponzies.

My experience is with Studio Traffic, so let's take them as an example.

Ok, you surf 100 websites per day, and get 1% out of your account level. If you level is USD100, so you get 1 dollar per day, which would amount to 30 bucks per month. Not bad for a USD90 investment (they give you 10 bucks to begin with... so thats why a 90 buck 'investment' get's you the 100 account level).

One of my old pals asked....

"Ok, you surf 100 websites... and then you get paid. That seems fair enough?"

Well, it would seem fair enough. But, wait till you go thru all the bends getting your $$$ out. Especially if you're a high-earner (USD1,000 and above). It's gonna be hell!

But that's just recent development. If you go back to the times when ST was all smooth... and paid members well... it was still very-very fishy.

First of all.... surfing 100 sites, get paid 1%. 1% Per Day! Whoa!!! Even the Stock Market can't guarantee that.... Well, ST too says that it can't guarantee income. But basically that's the lure :) And many have eaten the bait.

Secondly, most of the websites in the ST autosurf rotator... are all ponzies too! You can see, 12Daily Pro, Estrix Surf, 4Daily and the lot. All are autosurfs... that promis lots of $$$ just for surfing. It's just not realistic! Getting that much $$$ just for clicking a mouse button, and then going of to the toilet for 20-30 miutes, while you computer plays a slide show of 'advertisers' websites (more to psuedo advertisers... if there exist such a term).

Thirdly, the management kept saying that income used to pay members were from member upgrades plus other Studio Programmes (Studio Pay, Studio Rocks, Studio Blogger, Studio Shopper etc). Ok... if payment was TOTALLY based on members upgrades ($$$ invested by members), then that would clearly make them a ponzi wihtout a doubt. But ST camouflaged their business by saying all these other businesses also made $$$, and that members were being compensated from here. After extensive research... BAHHHH!!! What a bunch of Cow Dung.

Fourth, the ST forum is full of dictators. Especially John Hora the owner himself. I mean.. he kept giving ambiguous answers... and just lately, was insulting UK members.... but I dont think he realized it, because he's too stupid I guess.

Ok. If I list out all the fishyness, I'd take up all my blog space...

But to those who still want to get $$ thru Autosurfs... I reccommend... DONT!

I beliee that all of them are PONZIES!!! ... But only the ones that promise high returns. There are valid autosurfs out there. The only is that, they're returns are not enuff for you to retire on :)

Just stray away from there companies, especially Studio Traffic... and also the currently good ones such as 12Daily Pro and whatever others.
They havent gone down yet... but like all ponzies... it's like creating their own bubble economy. But this one might blow up faster than the DOT COMS. Cuz it's based on an illegal pyramid model. (meaning that, Jim pays Alex... where Alex joined before Jim).

If you want to go into Internet business... Autosurf is not the way.

There's resellers, affiliate marketing, start your own business... or go sell stuff on ebay.

Dont turn to Autosurfs. You dont know where the $$$ really2 comes from anyway if there's investment involved. And I dont think that reflects well with people who are faithful to their religions.

Ok. That's all for today. The sudden need to post about ponzis and pyramids is becuz I just came back from the Studio Traffic forum. Havent been there for quite a while...
But after looking at all the injustice... I felt obliged to post.

For any questions regarding pyramids, please do ask. If I can answer, I will. If not, I'll try to refer to someone :) If I still cannot, then I suggest you find an expert... for I am merely a squire. LOL! (what is a squire anyway....)

Ok... cheers!

09 January 2006

Kursus Kenegaraan Biro Tata Negara

Hi there :) This post is mainly targeted for my UPM colleagues who are planning to attend the BTN course from the 19th to 23rd January 2005.

After attending the course (which was and still is tailored for Masters and PHD students), I could possibly give a few tips on what to expect, and also on how to prepare for it :) I will only cover the parts I think are crucial... but for those who think I've omitted a some detail, please do inquire :)

Ok... Let's see...


There's gonna be the LDK (Latihan Dalam Kumpulan), Ceramah and the Exam. Well, for these activites, or the more formal activities that might lie ahead, they would ask people to be dressed in:
  • MEN - White Collared Shirt and Dark Long Pants
  • WOMEN - White or Bright (almost white) colored top (a decent blouse of even a baju kurung top) and a Dark Coloured Skirt...
Don't worry to much about these requirements. Since this course is tailored for the more academically inclined and thus assumed to be be obedient, the instructors won't be too strict.

For the men, I'm not that sure. But all of the participants of my BTN wore white shirts... 100% white :) Of course men won't have that much of a problem finding dark pants. But 100% white shirts? I mean... who wears them anymore nowadays :) (On a regular basis that is)
But I guess, you should have one lying around somewhere in the depths of your closet... So, it's either that, or you can buy one school uniform from Ali Store! :)
Or possibly borrow from a friend or relative. It's not worth it to buy one white shirt just to wear it to BTN. But if you think it's not that much of a money-waster, then be my guest :) ... So it's either a long or short sleeve for the guys. And any dark pants will do. Heck! Some even wore light grey and nobody complained :)

Ok, for the girls... Don't be so worked up to go get a new set of 'Baju Budak Sekolah Rendah'... (But there was this one Datin Dr, who actually came sorta dressed in one... She looked young in it tho!).... You can get away with wearing a light colored blouse, or a light colored shirt if you like :) But try to be as close to white as you can. Don't stray away too far, cuz you don't wanna feel out of place :) And... don't wear ketat-ketat or shirts that closely follow the curves of you feminin0ity (if there exist such a word. LOL!). It's really2 distracting to guys especially when (almost) everyone else is dressed more 'decently'. :P

Oh, and just one more word of advice... make sure the white you choose ain't that 'transparent'? Or at least wear more cover underneath than just a bra :) This might sound contraversial to some... but it's a fact that white tops are almost 90% see thru :) ... Just a word of caution from a guy who knows what other guys are thinking. HUA HUA HUA!!!! ok ok... back to BTN.

OH! Almost forgot! KASUT!!!! SHOESS!!!!

Guys, again sorry, I think you can only wear your black leather shoes. But hey, you guys should be used to it rite? I mean... hari2 pergi kerja pakai, takkan kat BTN nak pakai sendle plak.

GIRLS! Ok :) In the requirement, it says FULL shoes. Meaning, cannot have the ones that show you toes (or jari jemari). Well, I saw quite a few sandle-like contraptions being worned by many girls :) So, I guess it's OK, as long as it's not high-heels or too glitzy. You don't want to attract too much attention now would you :)


Again, the white colour is emphasized. WHITE COLLARED SHORT/LONG SLEEVED T-SHIRTS for guys and gals during normal physical activities, and prefferably long white sleeved for guys during kembara, and any color long sleeved for girls during kembara. I think they're catering for water-activities here. I mean for the girls. Cuz you know what white t-shirts do when a girl goes for a dip underwater... So, colored is better, just in case you need to go thru swaps or anything.

But basically, you can wear just anything... as long as it's decent :) Dont la go and wear sleeveless t-shirts. No one wants to see the anyone's bulu-ketiak. So, you can actually wear a collared or non-collared t-shirt. But try to get as close to white as possible for the normal physical activities... but girl, any color for the kembara. For guys, too I think (kembara).

3. Shoes During Kembara

From what I've experienced, you might want to bring a separate pair of shoes for Kembara. Because for one thing, it's more intense then the normal activities... another thing is that, if it rains, the jungle trek is gonna get mighty slippery. So please do bring another, more durable pair of shoes. Army boots perhaps? Or probably Tracking Shoes? It's not advisable to wear running shoes or cross trainers. You'd definitely damage them, and end up having to buy a new pair. So, might as well go looking for or brining along a separate pair or tracking shoes :)

4. Accommodation and The BATHHH!!!!

You're gonna be placed in dorms, with double decker beds :) Much like what we had in Asrama :) So, go early so that you can book your beds :) Bedding material suc as pillow case, very2 comfortable blanket and kain cadar will be provided :)

For bathing... well, just make sure for the guys:
  • Bring you kain basahan. But I'd reccommend shorts for they'd be easier to manage :)
  • Prepare to mandi kolah :) Ramai2 mandi kolah :)

  • Ok... I think.... kain batik la kot? Hehehehe. My wife said there's this one amoi who did not bring anything... sooo... sheee..... ..... Noooo... she did not just go about her business al-fresco... but she had to bathe in the toilet lorr... Not that comfortable I'd say.
Selipar oso don't forget la. And other toileteries. No need for too much perfume. Cuz you might attract the tigers and lions. Hehehehehe.

5. EXAMMMM!!!!

There will be an exam :)
But dont fret... cuz it's just an objective examination. And I can say that, MOSTLY it's common sense.
You guys will be given 4 manuals to read. But, I personally don't know WHEN we could read them to properly digest the info! Cuz the activities are just TOO PACKED!
But it all depends on you guys. If you think you should read, then please do. But if you choose not to, and once in a blue moon the questions change into a difficult SPM like paper (which is very unlikely), don't balme me :) I'm just suggesting. Hehehehe.

And one more thing. Make sure you listen and understand each of the CERAMAHs well. For some of them will be included in the exam.... But still, most are general knowledge :)

Okie. I think that about covers it :) Any questions, please email me at you know where :)

Just go the ANDA TELAH LULUS letter from UPM. So Alhamdulillah, I passed the BTN. But there are cases of failure! SO, don't go with a high-nose, for you might just be in store for a nose dive :)

Anywayz... have a good time. For I did :) Seriously :) Had this the Dr Datin in my group. And she was just a buzz to be around :) Plus all the other members were absolute LOVES! :)

Okie... Tu aje kot :)

Selamat ber-BTN!


Assalamualaeykom WBT :)

Just to inform my fellow viewers that I've just launched my daughter's blog for her....
Just completed the first 2 posts last nite. Since she doesn't know how to properly use the keyboard yet (let alone the laptop), I will tak the job of blogging for her :)

Anywayz, just an intro...

Name: Nadiah Farhanah binti Alfian. Hmmm... I still get a tingle when I see the name after the 'binti' part. LOL!
Age: 7 months 12 days (as of 9th January 2006)
Height: Last time I checked, it was like 60-70 cm? Should be more now.
Weight: 8 kilos or 8.5 at least... the next baby chekup, which is due next week will show then :)
Gender: Female (In case any of my readers aren't familiar with the 'binti' term thinggy, which by the way means daughter of)

Okie dokie :)

For those of you who just want some light reading, with some attempts at static-slapstic humour (if such humour exists)... plus some of the most beautiful, prettiest and gorgeous baby pics U've ever seen, visit :) hehehehe. I am 'Masuk-ing my Anak's Bakul and Angkat-ing Sendiri for her'...

Cheers and Wassalam :)

Alpyan de Daddio

07 January 2006

Proton Waja 1.6 Rosak Already Under 500km and Melayu Bogel?

Darn, it rained sooo heavility yesterday. Was soo heavy that some parts of the LDP got flooded, Bandar Tasik Puteri (Puchong) being one of the unlikely victims.

Anyway, at about 6:30pm yesterday (6/1/06), did a favour for a friend to send him to the Proton Authorized Workshop in Puchong. Getting there was a challenge itself as I had to go thru heavy rain and ass-holic drivers. Typical Malaysians.

At, my friend since we were little, wanted to go and take his Proton Waja 1.6 which was there for repairs. It seemed that the fan for the air cond of something failed when his mother was driving the vehicle, resulting in tremendous amounts of smoke. That wasn't what pissed him off though.... The main thing was that the car was still under 500km for milage. Aiyaa.... Proton Waja.... already rosak ka?

Anyway, long story short, the car was Ok when we got there. So, I drove back and At drove back in his new Waja. The journey back was more challening that when we came. The flood seemed to have worsened and the traffic jam was massive. Went thru a few flash-lakes if you wanna call it that... luckily they weren't too deep, for my Honda Civic sure would have halted in the murky waters.

It took me almost 1 hour to get home, just in time for Maghrib :) ...


RING RING!!! The phone rang.

It was At again :) His Waja broke down again. Yeps... AGAIN! This time, the smoke was even thicker! He phoned everybody! The salesman (who received quite a good rogering from him), his Perodua friend Kamal, me of course, and also a few other buddies to complain about the hampeh-ness of Waja.

Darn... can't our cars be better made? I mean... is t really that difficult to focus quality in the local market? Apa yang proton dok buat ni? No wonder Mahathir (tun dr) and Mahaleel marah at them for selling Augusta for 1 EURO!

Hmmmm... I sometimes hope that Proton goes down the drain one day. But, then there goes the first Malaysian automobile industry :( Tapi takpe... Perodua still ada. kekekeke.

But in all... I have concluded that I will not buy a proton car once I have the money to buy a car that is :) To risky for too much money. The Waja cost my buddy RM63K ++. And before even reaching the first thousand kilometer, parts start breaking down.


Anywayz... dats Proton my friends :) Have yet to hear good things about Proton cars. Dont talk about the SAGA though, cuz thats old story :) And it had to be good if not whod want to buy some more proton? :)

Any of you who have experiences with proton, good or bad, please do share with the rest :) I think it's time they got their act together. If not, face the inevitable prospect of death!!! LOL!


Ok... now about the Melayu Bogel thinggy in the subject.
One of the Google Adsense on my blog here displayed just that. Hmmmm. Google must've been had! Cuz I dont think they condone such ads! Got the pic down here :)

Hehehehe. Tapi I did not click la. Not allowed to click your own adsense.
But sometimes... have the tendency, cuz the ads seem so alluring!!! hahahaha! (not this one la... I mean other ads concerning fat burnng and bodybuilding)

05 January 2006

Paid Surveys?

Anyone ever tried any paid surveys?

Well, I've wanted to try it for a long time, but once I registered at CIAO and got no surveys. Don't know why but maybe I completed a profile that was of no interest to them?

Anyway, still haven't given up to looking for some sort of income through the net. hehehehe. At the moment, my Google Adsense has fetched me around US10++. For doing nothing except blogging, that's quite an ok amount for me. LOL!

I recently tried Survey Savvy. Got the link from Don't know what they're gonna give me, but hey, what's the harm in trying something for free. The only thing I regret at the moment is... I used my usual email address to register. Darn! This might be an invitation for SPAM! Sheesh!!!!
But hopefully no, cuz it seems like a reputable company. LOL! (Who am I to know that. HAHAHAHAHA! Just a cover up, rationalizing line.)

Anyway, for any of you who might be interested, I have a referal link. Don't worry, this is no Multi Level Marketing or Network Marketing shaitz or anything. Just a harmless (I hope) paid survey thinggy :)


Give Survey Savvy a Try?

TIP (again): You might want to create another free email address at gmail or yahoo or hotmail or whatever (I reccommend Gmail since Yahoo and Hotmail tend to suck nowadays). But... gmail needs an invitation or something. So, if you already have a gmail account, invite yourself. LOL! Or ask someone you know to invite you. But the main thing is to get another email address other than you usual email. Never want to have SPAM would we.

Ex-Students... :) Waaa... lots of cute amoi oso aaa

Me and my ex-students
STANDING LAST ROW: tak ingat sorry, Wong Yew Li, Tew Hon Giap, Alfian which is me, Wong Chun Wee
STANDING SECOND LAST ROW: hehehe tak ingat sorry, Yong Tze Sin, hehehe sorry, Lim Siew Luan a.k.a. Golumm a.k.a. queen?, Wong Phick Lian, tak ingat jugak sorry, Wong...alamak... tak ingat Wong apa
IN FRONT OF THE STANDING SECOND LAST ROW: Sam Chai Hoon (I remember your name becuz the guy who owns the gerai ask for you phone number from me all the time, finally I think Dr Rahmita gave it to him), tak ingat sorry, tak ingat sorry, tak ingat sorry, Tan Chek Fong Miss Image Processing, tak ingat sorry, tak ingat sorry.
THE TWO GUYS SITTING DOWN: tak ingat sorry, Liew Yee Ling

Haaaaaaaa.... These are the pics of my ex students from Semester 2 2004/2005. Or was it one semester before that? Hmmmm... Anywayz, as long as I remember that they're my students its ok already la I think.

For those of you whose names I've forgotten, i am deeply sorry. For I am only human who has a high rate of white hair growth. I'd like to thank Chang Kok Kee (wierd tho cuz he's not in the pic) for giving me some pics. From what I've learnt, most of you guys have already obtained impressive jobs :) Programmers, Insurans agent oso have, Consultans (at a very young age? Thats good) and also Multimedia people.

Good luck in your future undertakings and!!!! Please do transfer 20% of your salary each month to my maybank2U account. Hehehehehe. The account numebr is... 1622XXXXXXXX. :P


04 January 2006

I am still fat, but not as fat as before

I would like to announce that (I believe) I have lost a bit of fat around the waist. And also gained some muscle around the shoulder area.

While most think that this might be a hallucination, I will view it as reality. Har har har!

That's what some motivational experts say anyway.


- forget who the person was by the way. LOL

Anyway, this is my target. Just to re-emphasize and to re-put my neck on the line so that every one else can give me the battering of my life if I screw up. LOL!

BICEPS - 15 inches
CHEST - 38-40 inches
THIGHS - no target yet...

The main thing's the waist :) If I get that measurement, and manage to get rid of all the freakin' fat, then I will BELANJA ANYONE a Body For Life type meal. hehehehehe.

Oh, BTW, Here's the Jeremy Likness photo again. heheheheh :P