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29 June 2006

Cigarettes!!! Arret!!! (Stop in French... I think)


Must say it has been positive.
My cigarette intake has been on the decline lately.
Buying anymore packs? Noooooooo sirrr-eee :) Alhamdulillah for that.
And hopefully after this, when me and my family finally get to Sydney, insya-Allah
the temptations won't follow me :)

But I have to say,... the 'WANT' is still there. And I do smoke a bit.
But the maximum has been 2-buds per day :) (Not budweiser).
Yesterday, had 1 Gudang Garam from my friendly neighbourhood pekerja am fakulti, Haslam
bin Daud :)
Today? Hehehehe. Not yet, but if the oppurtunity is there, I might just some a pot (stick). heheheh :)

Anywayz, have to acknowledge the progress :)

Like a wise man once said...


But I'd like to add a bit...


Wallaahu'alam :)


27 June 2006

Update Blog - Mary suruh

Since Mary asked me to update my blog... and I happen to be in front of computer opis... with high speed connection, so i update a bit lah :)

Okes... Mary has requested info regarding:

1) My perut

2) My running


Ok... my perut... a.k.a. stomach.

Well, it's stayed much the same since 2004... But something has struck me as very interesting. It seems that, now I am weighing in at 78-79-80 kg. I used to weigh the same in 1997-98 (even more in 1999-2001)... And at that time, I had a waist line of 36-37! Dang!!! But now... Even at a similiar weight, my waist is at about 34.5 to 35... Hmmmm... And when i really2 looked at me body... it really has changed from 7-9 years back. Uick??? Must've been the Body For Life + MuscleNow + Burn The Fat stuff I did during my Masters Degree time at Ozziland. hehehehe.

So, in conclusion miss Mary Ann... it's kinda Ok :) Not MARVELOUS though... but Ok :)
Now I'm reading "GET OFF YOUR ASS" by Marty Tuley (kot... macam tu eja nama dia)...
And yes, I agree with him... I need to get off my ass and excercise!!! Even tho its sekejap sekejap :)

2) Running...

Hehehehe. I've decided la mary. I tried to become a running freak like U and Wawa (Forgive the sinicism). But I think I cannot la. Cuz I DONT LIKE running that much!!!
Sikit2 ok la. But to make it a second religion. Huhuhuh :( Macam susah la. Not to say I wont run a mile ever again. It's just that now, I will campur other activities as well... besides running, there's always the bike... and oso plain old jumping rope :)
I wont become a marathon runner though. Not cut out mentally for dat :) Physically, insya-Allah buleh bikin (slow slow). But like I said, I cannot obsess enuff over it to make it my passion :)

ANywayz... thank you very2 lot oh Miss Mary for de motivation.

WAWA!!! U reading this? Jgn plak kau tak balas SMS aku kalau aku tanya pasal running.
I hope this has not put u off as my virtual coach :) hehehehehe. I lub U wawa

Okes. Teeing off. Nak isik borang claim UPM.

Oh, have I mentioned... bendahari UPM ari tu bodo piang... returned my claim form cuz I did not isi the form double sided? hahahahaha!!!! They didnt even mention it in their website or on the borang itself!!!!!

Only after I made a fuss... baru dia orang tulis kat website dia.
hehehehe. Ok gak aa.. at least I started a mini riot... which ended up in the
bendahari people updating their website with a REMINDER message...
** Borang-borang yang melebihi dari satu (1) mukasurat hendaklah dicetak depan dan belakang.

Aloooha!!! (eh, is that bye2 or hello. cuz I wanna say bye bye now!!! )

08 June 2006

Really2 young & Really2 Old

Ello :)

I've always had this beleif, or... opinion... or silly sort of thinking... or what ever you wanna call it.

The relationship of being a baby and a really old person.

Both are actually quite the same...

Both physically and mentally.

I mean.. yeah, of course I know some would say ... "Of course maaannn... Babies and old people need extra love and care, and most of the time, help from those who can give..."

Yes, I do share this view also. But at the same time, when really2 looking at it... when a baby is born into the world... the first face you see wont be baby-ish at all :) I somehow see newborns as having a sort of... old people's face :|
A face that would be theirs once again, after going thru teenage life, adulthood, mid-life.... and post-midlife... :)

I dunno... this might way out there... but kadang2 macam betulll je :P
Hehehe. Cuz mentally, if given the time by God, we would almost entirely revert back to having a newborn's thinking. The process is however the other way round, where it's mostly the process of DE-generation instead of generation of cells...
But in all, we become dependant again... only heavier. Hehehehe.

But back to the main point... babies adorn their old faces when they first come into the world. This is my view. Does sound like I'm a crack-pot.... but what will the world be like without people like me!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Anywayz, just a point of view. :)

Dang, come to thing of it... Emanuelle Lewis must a had a really2 young old face :)