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30 October 2005

Laptop on the bed

It's kinda fun and a whole new feeling

This wireless life is catching up to me fast :P

Since I got my new Asus W3, I just couldn't get my hands off it. Not to brag or anything,
but it took me quite some effort to get this laptop off the hands of the lying salesman.
So now I'm savouring each and every minute of it. LOL!

Anywayz, since this laptop comes with a built in wireless adapter, it connects really well with
my NetGear wireless router. I'm behind like.... 2 walls, and about 15 meters from the router,
still the signal is ok :) Netgear must've done a very good job in making their wireless routers.

Back to m topic...
Now I'm on my bed, and typing this to be published on my blog.
UNIMAGINABLE 5 years ago for me to actually be doing this. I mean, connected to the world from your own bed!
Now that's kinda cool :)

The only thing I need now is to get a hold of one of my masters students and ask her how to get good Internet TV.
hehehehe. Then I'd be seriously hooked and wont move a muscle.


Anywayz, almost berbuka puasa time...
Raya also around the corner.

Just to wish everyoe seasons greetings!

Happy Holiday

Selamat Hari Rayaaa :D



A victory for Liverpool.

2-0 against the second-half scoring West Ham United :)

Goals coming from Alonso and Zenden.
Hyppia hit the post, and there quite a few chances created by Steven Gerrard.
Luis Garcia also played quite well tonite, usually he plays like shaitz! But tonite was ok.
Morientesss... Hmmmm... did not quite shine, even though had a few chances.

Anywayz, just happy that Liverpool won. Hopefully they're already out of he English Premiere League bottom half... A place that Liverpool doesn't want to be.

Just wondering however....

What happened to the good all days of John Barnes, Peter Beardsley and also Ian Rush and his lookalike John Aldrige?
It used to be fun back then, wih Liverpool wining most of the earlier 'Match of The Week' lives telecasts.

Hmmm.. maybe time will tell...

Rafa should bring in better players and not just focus on spaniards.
Tactics should be changed, and I thinnk (I'm no expert), Liverpool did a a bit to its tactics, and paid divideds tonite.


PS:- Just change your sponsor la... only then can I start wearig ure jersey....

How to Naturally Get Six Pack Abs

(This is an example of what I write on my other more dedicated blog,

Six pack abs... Ahhhh...

Who wouldn't want a set of those...

But how many people actually know HOW to get a rock hard chiseled mid-section?

How To Lose Fat and Get Ripped, Fast

As you might notice in the title above, I mentioned the word 'naturally'. Well, that's actually the only safe way to get nice abs! No liposuction, no diet pills, no starvation and also no patches. The best reference available on how to lose the fat in the mid section is to ask bodybuilders. Natural bodybuilders to be precise. You can go and ask the pros, but they would use un-natural fat loss supplements, which would beat the purpose of this blog post :P

Natural bodybuilders (and pros alike) have been using fat loss techniques to achieve ripped figures. Ripped here means, the muscles are CEALRLY visible below the skin layer. Very-very-very little fat is present. And usually, the level of fat left on their bodies are measured in Body Fat Level (BFL). For a bodybuilder to compete successfully in a bodybuilding competition, his BFL must be in the low single digits,... 3% to 4% :)

Do you need to be a bodybuilder to achieve body fat levels as such? HECK NO! Just follow their techniques, and just wait for the fat to melt away!

How Bodybuilders get Ripped Fast and Display Those Rock Hard Abs

If you really-really want to lose fat and get ripped, I cannot repeat this enough. Follow what bodybuilders do. They lose fat at an astonishing rate! You don't have to be a bodybuilder, but use their methods and techniques, and it's hard to go wrong.

How they do it?

1. Frequent Meals - Can anyone and everyone really tell me that they are losing fat through 3 meals per day? Or less? I don't think so. Bodybuilders have been eating 5, or 6, and in extreme cases 8 times per day! But still, they are ripped to the bone. But for the average guy or gal whose just starting out, 5 for women and 6 for men would be a good start.

The reason for such meal frequency?

If you eat less food (like 3 meals per day...sound familliar?), your body will think that you are in a state of famine... starvation! Yes, the body does have a mind f its own. Scary aye?

So, when this happens, it just tries to conserve energy due to the little supply of nourishment you are feeding it. As a result, metabolism is slowed down. Which also causes the tendency to store more fat and burn everything else first.

BUT! If you eat 5 to 6 meals per day, in the proper quantity with the proper nutritional values, the body would come to realize that you are actually having a constant supply of food. So it basically believes that it can work at it's best and also at full throttle!


Not the body's exact words, but something like that...

As a result, metabolism is increased and stabilized! Since metabolism determines how many calories (thus fat) is burnt, eating more often is simply the most logical course of action anyone who wants to lose fat can take!

2. Include MORE FAT in your diet - What??? To lose fat you must eat fat? Yes sir! That's quite true :)

The fat I'm talking about here is unsaturated fats. Specifically, Essential Fatty Acids (EFA). These fats are NOT produced in our bodies, and thus, we have to obtain them through our diet. They are very beneficial and necessary for many biological functions in our bodies. One of them is to decrease the chances of heart disease. Since EFAs increase the bodies Good Cholesterols, and this s simply good for the heart. As for fat loss, one of EFAs contributions is to aid in the production of Testosterone. This hormone aids muscle growth,.. and when you've got more muscle, that means more FAT BURN!

3. Eat Correct Amounts of Calories - There are two sides to this story. Food intake should not be constant in order to lose fat and get the rock hard abs!

If you're fat (or skinny fat), you would firstly need to eat lesser calories. To get fast results, you need to supplement it with weights and exercise (more on this later). Once you start with a slight caloric deficit, combined with weights and exercise, your body will try to adapt to this change, and will burn more fat (due to increased metabolism). Eventually, the body will achieve a level where it starts to feel comfortable, and change is no longer necessary.

Since the body adapts, and will at one point feel comfortable, it will feel that the amount of food received is not enough anymore. Since metabolism has increased, the body wants more source of energy!!!

By maintaining the lower calries, starvation will kick in. And you know what happens if the body realizes that it is in possible famine... Yes, it slows metabolism down to conserve energy. And also starts to store more fat. Back to square one. NOT what a person seeking chiseled abs would desire.

So, basically what you need to do is eat more after that phase is reached. And after that, adapt your food intake to the bodily changes.

In short, eat the correct amounts of food, depending on the situation. You wouldn't need to do MAJOR changes, just slight adjustments. And sticking to it for a couple of weeks or months would yield astronomical results!!! NICER ABS!!!

4. Exercise and Train with Weights - Yes. To get the best results, you will need to do this. It is optional, but it would take TWICE as long to lose the fat if you don't add it to the equation.

Exercise here means doing cardiovascular activities. These activities should be ones that bring your intensity levels up to a certain point, where you heart rate start to beat at the optimal fat burning zone :) Activities such as running (out doors or treadmill), swimming, skipping rope, cycling (including the stationary bicycle), dancing... or anything else that can rev up your heart rate.

Weights serve to maintain or build your muscles. More muscle means less fat. Less fat means VISIBLE ABS! So, basically that's why you need to do weights. Not only must you concentrate on the abdominal area, because SPOT REDUCTION is actually IMPOSSIBLE, you must do the WHOLE BODY! That's the way to go.

5. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS... BE CONSISTENT!!!! - The last point, but the most least important. Point 1 though 4 won't yield any results if consistency is not added into the fray.

Have a fat loss GOAL. For instance, "I want to see my ABS this DECEMBER!!!".
(assuming that we made the resolution in AUGUST let's say?)

And work towards this goal. I realize that without the proper knowledge, it is almost impossible to do this. If you don't already have the know how, some programs that are available online and off line can help you not only get started, but propel you towards success. For suggestions that have worked for so many people, I have them outlined in this post.


Well, basically that's it. There are more specific details that you need to follow, but it's beyond the scope of this blog. Plus, I'd have to write a book! Which would not fit into this Blog.


(I'm more saying this to myself than to my fellow readers. LOL!)

28 October 2005


Hi guyz and galz!!!

I've made another blog at This blog will be dedicated to my opinions, knowledge and random posts regardng my world of Fat Loss and Natural Bodybuilding.

I've been flabby almos all my life. And I want that to change :)
So this blog will be the first step!


(Ok, I might take Protein Powder if I need convenience)
And most imprtantly...


Darn, that's a good website name. Sheesh!!!

Anyway, please do visit and post comments.



Some places that you might find useful.



Making Money Online - Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing. Now that's somethng I think I can do. Selling other people's products. :P
And get paid for it. Sounds simple enough...

But as usual, like any other serious business, it's not as simple as flipping burgers (even that requires skills and training). Affiliate marketing is a serious income generating business model that can bring in tens of thousands of dollars to the affiliate marketing the product.

I've came across an e-book by Rosalind Gardner. This woman is a full time Affiliate Marketer.
She used to be an air traffic controller, but after learning about how the Internet could transform her life, she went to do it FULL TIME! From her book, she tells you exactly how much she made in a year, that most of us could just dream of making in ... half a lifetime.
Now, she herself is 'recruiting affiliates to sell her book :) An Afilliate to an Affiliate :D

Another super power in the affiliate business is Allan Gardyne from I think he's like the leader of all affiliates?
:P Now I know that's a bit of a possible overstatement, ... but they guy got rich thru selling other people's products as well :)

Hmmmm..... I will give it a try then i guess.

Finally got my laptop

Yesterday night (Wednesday), Alhamdulillah, I finally got my laptop.

Had to go through another salesman by the way. That Raffle guy was becoming very-very annoying to me.

Long story short, got a hold of Garry, his supervisor. Had no trouble giving me the replacement laptop after seeing evidence that the one that Raffle gave me was a Display unit.

Laptop Specificatopms:

ASUS W3, Silver Colour
1.73 GHz Intel Centrino (Sonoma), 2MB L2 Cache
1 Gigabyte, Kingston Memory (1 stick!!!)
60 Gigabyte Hard Disk
Built in Wireless b/g
Audio DJ plays music without turning on the laptop's pwer
Power4 Gear+ Technology that give longer battery life
DVD/CD-RW combo drive
One very-very nice laptop casing, ASUS DESIGN

In short, a very2 nice system.

Beautful design, very very quite, 14 inch LCD monitor gives me a wonderful viewing experience :)

the ASUS W3 rocks in my book.

PS:- You might also want to check out other ASUS models....

The ASUS V6, ASUS M1, the Elegant ASUS W5, A3 and also M5 :)
Asus is the only one manufacturer whose giving 2 years INTERNATIONAL WARRANTY.
Was one of the other reasons why I chose ASUS over the other brands.

The Best Cardio Excercise?

Which one is the best cardio or aerobics excercise...

1) Jogging or Running - Outdoors or on a treadmill
2) Stationary Bicycle
3) Swimming

Personally, I think the best is running. I've heard on numerous occasions people say that it's the best cardio ever!
Well, I won't say that it's bad or anything... even though I agree that it's the best, for me, running is far less ejoyable. In short, I myself don't quite like running because before I even run, I already can feel the exhaustion. LOL!!!

Anyway, I should erase thos limitng beliefs from my mind, because if I can make ahabbit out of running (as my friend has.. it's no longer a habit for him, it's a healthy obsession), I reckon I'd be fit in less than 3 months time. Fit and lean :)

Anyway, Stationary bike is kind'a good also. You however have to pedal fast in order to sweat and get your heart rate revved up. Once its there, all's OK except for the ache that's starting to develop in your thighs. LOL!

Swimming,... I'd say that this would be the most enjoyable :) Could also be the best I'd think. However, it's been quite some time since I last swam. So can't quite tell if I can actually do a few laps in one of those olympic sized swimming pool!

But basically, the most convinient and most effective would still be running I'd say.
You DO need a pair of decent running shoes. I bought a pair of Adidas, for about RM300++.
It was well worth it compared to my cheaper collections. 300 to me is very dear, and it's going to be quite some time until I buy myself another par of runners.

The shoe could be used in the gym also during weight sessions. But sometimes it might get stressed to much, especially when doing Squats and also Calf Raises.
Bench Presses, Barbell Presses, Palm Up Forearm curl and the rest of the upper body excercises are ok for the shoe to handle :)


So in short, I think I WILL NEED to start running again. So that one day, not only will my stamina be sky high, ... but I'd also be able to achieve the health and lean body that I so much desire.


The journey to a beautiful physique - Body beautiful

Today I'd like to talk about the road that I dream of following, but frequently fail due to indiscipline and rewarding myself to soon (in the form of 'holidays' from eating well and excercise). This road has already been paved in gold, with the path already outlined and the vehicle already put before me! All I have to do is... FOLLOW THRU!!! Argh!!!! Why is that SOO hard to do???? Hmmmphhh....

I assure you ladies and gentlemen, t will happen some day, after this hari raya I'd say :)
You can bet my Asus W3 on it! HAH! :P

Ok. Anywayz, enuff of all that babble. I'd like to share with you, with your permission of course, the plan that I already have... the one that I've followed twice and reaped the benefits, only to fall back into the pit of dspair due to self sabotage :( Oh, there I go again...

Ok... The main goal is to get an athletic build. A lean body like all those male models seen on TV, like the short to middle distance runners whowhe they run, we can see all their muscle shaking as if they were walking anatomies!

The first step towards this is to have a good... NO! EXCELLENT well planned diet. Well, I won't want to call it a DIET. That word scares the hell out of most people.

Diet here does not mean restricting food to 1 apple per day and three leaves of lettuce for dinner. NO! That's starvatiion... and starvation mode is something that should be avoided at ANY COST (like I've mentioned before in my FAT LOSS post).

It's more like a change in eating habits. From one that's unhealthy and ordinary, to extremely synergstic and WONDERFUL!... :) And it also has to be something that CAN be practical and sustainable.


The main thing to do is to eat smaller healthier meals at frequent intervals (almost) every day! The food however canNOT be just anything. It has to be a good combination of carbohidrates and protein, plus a good mix of vitamins and minerals... and NOT TO FORGET, lots and lots of water.

Ok, I mentioned healthier meals. But what does that mean? It basically means food with low or close to zero fat. Both the food itself and also the preparation of the food must be low fat. No deep fried chickens or mayonaise rich hot dogs for ya :) No twinkies and oreos for snacks. And absolutely no supersized value meals at famous franchise outlets :P

To get the body of my dreams, sacrifices have to be made... So I'd have to go for the healthiest possible combination of carbohidrate and protein that I can get my hands on.

For instance... Baked Black Pepper Chicken Breast plus steamed brown rice with veggies would be a great start. Or... Exrtra virgin olive oil pan fried egg whites with whole wheat bread, with a pinch of oregano and dill... and pepper... plus a pinch of salt (not too much though). All in smaller portions, 5 to 6 times per day.
Now, that ain't too bad is it?

Why 5 to 6 times per day? Because this way the body gets little input each meal. And because the input is much less, he body can process the food faster, resulting in better digestion, better calorie burn, and also better metabolism. And believe it or not, this PROMOTES FAT LOSS!!!

So, thats basically it for FOOD. Five to Six meas per day, everyday of good wholesome food!

The next step? ... Excercise

Cardiovascular or Cardio or Aerobics

Eating well alone will cause you to lose fat (thus lose weight and get lean). There's no denying that. But added with cardio and weights... the synergy produced is gonna make you LITERALLY jump out of your pants!!! (Sinc your waistline would shrink by many-many inches)

Cardiovascular activities (also called aerobics) are activities that raise you heart rate to a certain number of beats er second. Once the particular rate is achieved, it should be maintained for at least 20 to 30 minutes. One fat loss expert and natural bodybuilder has adopted this method for years now, and it has proved extremely effective, as he changed from an overweight fat boy to a single digit body fat muscleman!

Bottom line, cardio helps burn fat faster. As a matter of fact, twice as fast as compared t eating dieting alone (Ooops. Used the 'D' word again :P). So a good mea plan and cardio is a mandatory combination.

Weight Training or Pumping Iron

Most of my friends are afraid of lifting weights. They're afraid of getting too big like those steroid pushing pro bodybuilders. If only it were that simple...

If only they knew the pain it involves getting just half and inch increase in bicep measurement within one month. Naturally, it's a very2 arduous (yet extremely rewarding) process :)

Anyway, lets get back on track. Weights serve as the means to build up muslce tissue. Combined with a well timed and well managed meal plan, weight training will cause muscle fiber to build up. So, yes... it will make you muscular. But again I mention, it's ot that simple.... MEAL PLANNING and WORKOUT DURATION combined with the PROPER REPETITONS AND SETS is CRUCIAL!!!

There must be a pre-workout meal and a post-workout meal.

According to the this one course called MuscleNow, pre-workout meals should be eaten around thirty to one and half hour before a workout session. This food, will serve as the fuel during your workout session.

(A reminder though... muscle does not grow during workout. Muscle fiber is just torn apart during weight training sessions. It the time after that really2 matters... as you will see later)

Immediately after workout, a post-workout meal must be consumed. As the muscle fiber gets worked up during a strenous session of ligting heavy steel, it needs to recovers once everthing gets back to normal. The post-workout meal does just this by providing the nutrients needed to reconstruct and heal muscle cells. Without this meal, muscle won't grow, as nothing is provided for it's repair :(

All of this may sound simple... But trying to get the correct amounts of food as the pre and post workout meals can be quite challeinging. You'd only want something that's enough! This means, you don't want TOO little, for it might not aid in the healing process. You'd also wont want too much... because too much food WILL help in repairing muscle... but it WILL also aid in the accumulation of excess FAT! SOmething lean-wannabies don't want!

Bottom line, weights are for muscle growth. :)


As you've read, basically what's needed is:

1) A good meal plan
2) Aerobics or cardio
3) Weight training

Sounds simple rite? Hehehehe.

But I seem to have forgotten number 4.


Without this, number 1,2 and 3 are worthless. The only way to greatness is perseverence.
And NEVER DYING COMMITTMENT and SELF DISCIPLINE is the key to any great thing in life.

Well... I think I've written enough! LOL!

Hope somebdy read this post. It's not mean as any medical advice or anything. Just my experience with the whole FAT LOSS and MUSCLE BUILDING thinggy.

Please do comment, for I have written without a draft at hand. I'm just writing stuff from the top of my head. So I might have missed a few things, or even worse, added some false content? LOL!

Anyway, good references are out there, and I think I'll give some of them in my next post, when I can get hold of that Burn the Fat Feed The Muscle book again (Where did I put you of Mr Outlaw Bodybuilder Tom Venuto. LOL!)

Okie dokie


27 October 2005

Laptop Woes - Update

The Asus W3 laptop...

Intel Centrino 1.73GHz (Sonoma)
1 Gig Ram (Kingston)
60 GB Hard disk, 5400 RPM (So I was told)
14" Monitor
Windows XP Professional Edition
Bluetooth capable but not enabled. LOL!
Can play CD's even when the laptop is not ON!

The price of this laptop was agreed at 4820, Malaysia ringgit. But after all the phone calls and headaches, I think the value is well over 5500 already! LOL!

Anyway, the update is this. Got to contact somebody else from E-Peripherals. Dont know whether he's trustworthy, but it's the best I have at the moment.

Confirmed with me that all will be complete by 4:30 pm, Wednesday...TODAY!
And I will have to drag my but back to Low Yat plaza... to get my laptop.
BUT! Based on my experience... salemen's 4:30 is more like 9:30pm
I could just hope to Allah the all-mighty that for once, these people would keep their word. Cuz if they don't, I might just... just... just... Commit Murder???
NOoooooo... not in a million years if unneceesary :)

Write a report to FOMCA. I actually asked them what I could do regarding the matter. And this was the reply:

Di bawah adalah hak-hak tuntutan En. terhadap penjual.
En. boleh meminta gatirugi saperti "discount" keranan display unit/ secondhand.
Ganti dengan satu unit yang baru. Refund penuh.
Jadi, En boleh berunding dengan penjual mengikuk pilihan di atas dan juka tiada berhasil, En boleh membuat satu aduan bertulis kepada pihak kami. Sertakan juga resit bayaran dan dokumen berkaitan.
Terima kasih.
Vasu, NCCC"


"Mr. Troxion

The following are your compensation rights towards the seller

You can ask for compensation in the form of a "discount" due to it being a display unit.
Replace with a brand new model. Full refund.

So, you can deal with the seller based on the above choices, and if to no avail, you can lodge a written
complaint to us. Please include the payment receipt and also other supporting documents.

Now that seems kind of promising. Even though I don't know why he put (") between discount :( Does it mean a different kind of discount? :D

In case I get hammered by this Raffle guy (that's the name of the salesman that's giving me problems), I could probably go through FOMCA. But still, I must remember my roots. And that's good old Malaysia... where the SELLERS ALWAYS (almost) TRIUMPHS OVER THE (uninformed) CUSTOMERS/CONSUMERS!!!

Now I'm dealing with Jerry. And let's just hope he's not as shitty as Raffle. But from my experience, it would seem that they are both in the same sh**** boat. So, I might get the same sh** again. Well, at least I'm prepared a bit.... Now it's just going with the flow....
A flow that I wish would end soon so that I could just get my laptop.
After this, need to find a better way to purchase computer goods other than going to Low Freakin Yat Plaza!!!

Ok... Cheerios and wish me all of GOD's blessings :)

PS:- Have I offered anyone Jeremy Likness' FREE FAT LOSS CD? LOL!!!

26 October 2005

Quite pissed off - Laptop Woes Continues

Assalamualaikum WBT

Yesterday nite was a night to forget. But... I can't afford to, because if I do, I'd be losing more than 5000 ringgit Malaysia worth of computer hardware and software.

As I stated be4, went to pick up my Asus W3 laptop at Low Yat. When I got there, all was ready, except for a few small bugs that were ignorable (is there such a word?). Looked at the laptop, and inspected it a bit... which was my biggest mistake. DO NOT INSPECT JUST A BIT! Now I know that.

I also looked at the RAM. Unscrewed the bottom part and peeked inside. ANOTHER MISTAKE! DO NOT JUST PEEK! OBSERVE AS DISCRETELY AS POSSIBLE! Now I know that.

The salesman said that he was gonna give me 1 STICK of 1Gig RAM. When I looked into the laptop, thought all was ok becus I saw just 1 RAM being slotted in there. The system also stated 0.99 Gig; assuming a few megs were taken up by the system.

Long story short, when I reached UPM to do some additional software installation, it occured to me that the laptop was kinda... under-performing.... Tried to ignore the signs, but at one point, it was far too slow! Plus it didn't want to SHUT DOWN!

The lock slot at the back (the one that people usually relate to Kengsington) also showed signs of being used. It was like... berlekuk-lekuk!!! Darn! Did not see that during inspection :( After that, the flaws came into place one by one. The screen, when totally dimmed and all was black,. showed signs of dirt and smudges. The rear part had some scratches... and the battery slot wasn't in perfect alognment.

Argh!!! I've been had. And deservedly so! Because I thought I was dealing with honest people, when in reality, they were just a bunch of scum trying to make a sale!

Phoned the guy straight away. Was around 10++ PM at the time. He answered, and surprisingly did not put up a fight. HE KNEW IT ALL ALONG! Darn.... I got really2 pissed off. Sweared quite a bit, but nothing that harsh... besides, it's Ramadhan :)

Long story short (again), he said he was gonna replace it today. But the thing is, I have to carry my but all the way to Low Yat again, from Bangi. That raises my blood some more. The parking, the traffic, and also the tolls that never seem to be closing (Samy Blue!!! What de story???).

Anyway, waiting for his call around 11. Feel like killing this guy. But then, I'd go to prison, and also hell. LOL! So, will just see what happens. Already have a few rhetorics planned, hope all can be executed when the time comes.

A word to all, watch out for those freakin' sharks out there. They prey oneveryone!

My mistake was to swim in shark infested area without a harpoon and... a microscope :|

Word of advice for myself ... Next time... TENGOK BETUL2 DULU!!! EVEN IF IT MAKES U LOOK SILLY AND NEEDY, JUST TENGOK SAJA AND PERIKSA BETUL2!!!! NI CERITA RIBU RIBU NI! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I will never be that dumb again, insya-Allah.

Created in 1997...98? Can't quite remember

Hello guyz

This is a picture of me and Liam Neeson in Star Ward Episode 1.
They decided to ditch me because my payment demands were too high!

Took that Ewan McGregor instead. ARrRgGggGHhhHH!!!
I CRY!!!!

That's three posts already today.

HAH! Seems like I've got nothing better to do.
Actually been doing my reading for my PHD. Quite difficult to understand some of the terms. But that's academic life I guess (for the beginner like myself)

Okie... need to rest me brains a bit.


Fat Loss vs Weight Loss

Weight loss! What is that? Lose a few kgs through limiting food? Lose lots of kgs through starvation? Excercising till you drop? Eating watermelons for dinner and a zuchinni for breakfast and totally skipping lunch and evening tea?

Well, all the above will result in weight loss. But, is it actually thei WEIGHT that u WANT to lose?

What I mean here is, mostly people are concerned in losing weight, no matter what. Going on a starvation diet will result in weight loss, but mostly (almost entirely), the thing that goes away is muscle and water... and not FAT!

Some may say, "So what? I'm losing weight rite? So what's the big deal?"

Ok, it's a BIG BIG BIG deal actually.

Let me try to explain in more detail.

When you go on a starvation diet (limiting food, or any other imbalanced method), your body will sound a silent alarm. This alarm will tell the body to BE CAREFUL, because it sees that the owner (YOU!) is probably in a state of famine! So what it does is it tells itself to use up the most active tissues first so that energy can be preserved until the last minute. So, muscle is burnt first! And so does water... water isn't actually burnt, but it gets used along the burning process I guess :P

Anyway, when muscles start to burn, the body is at the same time:

- This is to make the whole energy burning process happen a whole lot slower, so that you won't die to soon... (Remember! The body is thinking that you are facing FAMINE!!!).

- The body burns active tissue first, because it's the most easy to burn. Plus, fat has more energy per gram of fat, this it is SAVED to the last moment... until the last breath of the supposedly dying body owner :(

Another danger when muscle is burnt is that... the heart can start burning as well :(

Yes... because the heart is a msucle remember? So, when that happens, it won't reflect well on the body owner :P When most of the heart gets burnt, there nothing to pump blood with. With no blood circulating... death is imminent.


When refering to weight loss... always use the FAT LOSS approach. :)
NEVER! I mean NEVER limit the food you eat. Just control the portions, frequency and also the type of food taken.

What I mean by this is, eat in small portions, 5 to 6 times per day, and also abstain from fried, oily, buttered and all the other FAT GENERATING WAYS of cooking food. Boiling is the most basic (and most tasteless :P), pan frying with a little bit of olive oil is great, steaming, and a whole lot more ways are available. Just go out and look for them :)

Some may ask.... (and some have already asked...LOL!) ... "Who does this guy think he is? Talking about fat loss and stuff..."

Well, I'm just somebody whose been there and done that.

I started out at 83kgs before I started the 5-6 meal per day routine... plus I also added some excercise (which would accelerate the fat loss process by leaps and bounds).
At my best, I weighed in at 68kgs. But after that, I fell prey to INDISCIPLINE! :( Which has haunted me for most of my life. Now I'm back in the 75s. Maybe shot up to 78!

Darn... indiscipline can be a bummer :(

Anywayz, back to our main topic... if you wanna lose weight, make sure you concentrate on methods to lose fat. Not only will the results be almost PERMANENT! It's also gonna be alot healthier in the long run.

Starvation diets... yeah they work... in losing weight :P And in making you have less muscle. It also has the main disadvantage of being EXTREMELY TEMPORARY.

Just imagine, you could never sustain a lifetime of food deprivation :( So, when you go back to the normal eating habits... you guessed it, ... most people who do gain back the weight they lost... many gain even more!!! :(

Anywayz, just a thought and something I'd like to share.
Will start my personal website on fat loss when the fasting season ends. So wish me luck all :)

-just something to write-
-Like someone once said, TALK IS CHEAP! So I gotta put all these to action... AGAIN!!!!-

What I will do today

Today is the day, that I will start seriously doing my SHORT PHD proposal.

There's this one Associate Professor at the University of New South Wales who's interested to take me in as a postgrad PHD student! Now... how rare is that, considering that I have close to zero knowledge in the field, plus my masters from Monash was done 100% by coursework!

Alhamdulillah as I must say!!!

Anywayz, I have been procrastinating far too long now. So I need to rev up my gears and start WRITING! UARGH!!! WRITING!!! WRITE YOU BIG FOREHEADED SEMI-GENIUS-WITH-A-SLIGHT-IQ-DEFICIENCY-.... MAN!!!

OH! And one more thing. Will be going to get my ASUS w3 later today.

The mamat salesman says that he can get things done by 5pm. Ampes, I live in Bangi... if I go there (Low Yat) at 5, how am I gonna get back to break my fast? Hmmmm... Since the salesman is a China-man, he might not notice this, since he does not fast during Ramadhan :P Hmmmm.... Can't blame him though, cuz not in his belief system.... so he won't know.

Anywayz, if today the W3 can SIAP!!! I will go take :) And have to bukak puasa luar la in that case :) Hopefully can bring someone along... my wife oso like already give GREEN LIGHT to go.


PHD! PHD! PHD!!! And a DR I will be, insya-Allahhh..

(Ya Encik... sakit apa? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! SHeesH....)

25 October 2005

Laptop - Part 2

Ok. Now all these sales-man at Low Yat... what da fuchsia???

Said can complete in 2 days time, now oso TAK SIAP LAGI!


Anywayz, not that I'm not used to all this. Bought my brother's ASUS w5 notebook,
cost quite a fortune... but hey, wasnt my $$$ :P

The guy said it would be done by 2 oclock... but in the end, came at 2:30, still hasnt installed
Windows XP Pro, and asked me to come back the next day.

End of line, got PISSED OFF and asked the dude to complete everything on that day,
cuz it would be hell for me and my friend to go back to Bangi and come the next day!

Suddenly can do... but we had to wait 2 HOURS!!!


Hope this time wont be the same case.

@#&^%$&^%!@# salesman...

anywayz :)
Looking 4wrd to the new Asus w3 :)

23 October 2005


Yesterday, I went to Low Yat with my pal, Aizal 'Cikaro'.
Went looking for a laptop for meself :) Brought him along because of his vast experience in the field of computer hardware and software.

Already had a target, the ASUS W3. Price, Ringgit Malaysia 4500 - 5000.
Don't really have the money to buy, but I reckon I need a laptop rite about now.

Placed an order with a guy named Raffle, for RM4820. The specs I got for this price...

  • Intel Centrino (Sonoma) 1.73 GHz
  • 60 GB storage (5400 rpm)
  • 1 GB Ram
  • 128 MB Intel Graphics - not shared with memory
  • 14" monitor
  • Wireless (b/g)
  • A few USB ports... LOL! Forgot the actual number
  • Window XP Proffesinal Edition
  • And... other stuff... Can't quite remember

Will upload the pic once I get hold of the laptop. Shud be ready by tomorrow.

The only thing is that I dont'w have $$$ yet. Need to wait at least to the end of the month! LOL!

Anywayz, do await the update :)

21 October 2005

Season 4 - End

I'm gonna talk about Smallville today.

Finished season 4, and ... I must say that I am eager for more Superman prequel action!!!

Finally Clark's reached the North Pole, and season 5 will probably show how his ice-mansion is built.... By the way, does anyone know how I could get a hold of the first few episodes of SmallVille sesaon 5?

One thing though about SmallVille. My friend says that the ratings have dropped in the US. Well, I think this was just a matter of time. Firstly becuz the storyline is basically the same. When something wierd happens, all the blame goes to the meteor rocks. And at the end, Clark wins his battles hands down... cuz hey, he's Superman (to be).
Plus, sometimes some of the plots seem to be kinda predictable. And also a bit illogical. For instance, at the end of the show, you can always count on Clark being visited by Lana or Lex, or Lex being visited by Clark. Plus, don't you find it simply wierd that people can go in and out of a billionaire's mansion with such ease? :P

Anywayz, I still like it. Like it very very much I do. No matter what pundits of the film industry might want to say, SmallVille is simply my cup of hot chocolate. I can watch it day in day out, blinking just twice between commercials.

I have always been a big fan of Superman, and I admire his righteuosness and integrity... plus I sometimes dream of having his strength and flying abilities :P (Which will never come in this life!)

In all, SmallVille rocks in my book. And can't wait to get a hold of Season 5!!! :)

"It is forbidden for you to interfere with human history!"
- Jor El's words to Kal El in Superman 1, just before Superman turned the clock around by circling the globe counter-clockwise!!! Something wierd though (apart from him turning back time), the earthquake didn't seem to recur :P

20 October 2005

Autosurfing for $$$ - Eval

By now, I think most people already know that I'm one of 'em folks who're tryin'a make money online. Trying Autosurfing at the moment... seems to have quite high potential to bring in the big $$$. The work's easy too. Sometimes TOO easy..................

Just by freakin' surfin' the net, I can get paid up to US Dollars 150 per day. Now that's crazy shaitzer...

Anywayz, after being involved with one of the programs for quite some time... I've come up with my own opinion about autosurfs in general... Please read on if U're interested.

Studio Freakin' Traffic

I'm a member of Studio Traffic. Won't deny that.

This company claims to be an on line advertising powerhouse. Advertise yer business at Studio Traffic, and all shall be well!!! You can make $$ too while yer at it.

Anywayz, the way $$$ is earned is by AUTO-surfing 100 websites per day (since I'm a paid member... unpaid members need to surf 200). Autosurfing means that you just clink one special link at the member's page. After that, a 'slide show' of websites (each for 20 seconds) will show ... one after the other....

After completing my surfing quota, I'd get 1% of my Account Level. Some of you might be askin'... "What in heaven's name is an Account Level?" ... I won't deny that some might also use "HELL" instead of "Heaven's Name"...

Well, it ain't something you can make babies with, I can tell you that (now where'd that come from)...

Anywayz, the Account Level is your membership fee (if you choose to pay... you can start out with a free account at Studio Traffic, and they give you USD10 to start with).
Let's say I put in 90 bucks of my own hard earned cash. Added to the free USD10, that makes my Account Level jump up to USD100.

Everyday I surf, I'm gonna earn 1% out of that 100. So, each month I get 30 US bucks (assuming all months has 30 days... just to make things simple). So, supposedly, after around 3.5 months, I'd get all my principal back... and after that it would be cold-hard-profit!
Yeahoo!!! as some might say....

But... that ain't the end of every thing... And it ain't lookin' nice after this point onwards.

Where they get the $$$ to give out so much $$$???

Ok. At Studio Traffic (ST from this point onwards), you can have a maximum Account Level of USD20,000. Used to be 15,000 but the admin changed that. I'll tell you what I think about this somewhere down today's entry.

ST claims that they have other online ventures that're bringing in revenue, namely:

Ok. All these seem good. Excellent as a matter of fact. Not only does ST claim that they don't derive income from Gambling, Liquor, Porn or other 'bad' industries, they also have all these other sister companies who are bringing in the dough! BRAVO!!!


After really-really looking at these sites, I somehow doubt their income potential capabilities.

The web-hosting and other web packages service by Walker is still under construction. No ordering is possible, at least by people who are not ST members.

The online shopping mall is still in its infancy, plus the design isn't that nice :( What happened to the newer design that was more hip and cool? The products aren't that appealing also, so I don't see how they are bringing in the money.

I have no idea how the radio station brings in $$$. The banner ads perhaps?

Studio Pay is totally reliant upon ST member's $$$. So basically the money circulates within. Kinda like a country when U think about it :P

I am addressing all these not because ST has done something bad to me (yet). No, they havent blocked my account (but some people have been blocked for no reason), they havent refused my last 2 payments, they have also been nice enuff to let me in their forum :)

But, the main fear that I have is that, ST might be a ponzi! Ponzis are illegal.

Ponzis basically work like this. Let's say 10 people join in and they pay a certain amount of $$$ as joining fees. They company might claim, "We will double your money in 2 days!!!" - ST does not promise this however, they promise 1% per day as I've explained earlier.
Ok, back to how Ponzis work. Let's say after that, another 10 people join, and they pay the joining fees as well.

These later fees are used to pay the earlier people's fees. So in short, those who get in early benefit the most. At one point, ponzis WILL shut down. And they can dissappear faster than David Copperfield can say "Eat your chicken!" (Don't ask me what the relationship is...)
And along with the company's dissappearance will also be the later (unlucky) people's deposits.
Those that join at the end will lose ALL their money. Usually, their life savings. And most of you might know what happens after that... some just lose their lives!!!

I'm just afraid that ST is a ponzi, because at the current moment, from what I see, they are only getting $$$ from member upgrades (since all the other sister companies aren't actually bringing in dough yet). The Live Help Desk and the Ticketing Department ( also reassures me that they are indeed making $$$ from these other sites... I doubt that :(

If ST is indeed a ponzi, I myself would be at risk for being accidentally involved in a business that I thought was legitimate :( Thus, I would be committing a crime....



But .... Let's not get ahead of ourselves :) At the moment, signs of "ponzi-ism" is there. But it hasn't been officially declared yet. ST still has quite a lot of supporters. A number as large as 250 thousand or more. I myself am a partial supporter... But as you've read, I have strong doubts.

It's not ALL bad though.
Based on some good NON-monetary promises, and the committment that some parties have shown, I've decided to give ST a chance. A fighting chance to prove themselves to me, as well as other people across the globe.

This chance however would not benefit me nor ST (well that's what I think at least).
I won't be profiting from them, nor would I want to make a loss.

So this is what I plan to do....

Since I am not sure whether ST is ponzi or not.... and I also have hopes that they would become the great business that they say they want to be:

1) I will withdraw ONLY what I've put in. This way, I won't lose anyting, and won't take anything that's not mine (if ST is declared a ponzi one day... hope that day never comes though). If I do this, I will be taking ONLY my money. That's the way I see it...
If I withdraw more than that, meaning I'd be in profit. And if in the future ST get's it's higher degree in PONZI-ISM, I won't feel good becuz the money I have (or have spent) would actually be somebody elses deposit that has yet to yield anything. In short, I have preyed on somebody's gullibility (indirectly of course), and made a handsome profit from it. I will not be comfortable with this (AGAIN! This is IF, ST is indeed a ponzi)

2) After withdrawing, I will just compound my earnings. Yes, earnings for each month can be compounded. This means I don't withdraw the $$$ that I earn. I just simply add it to my current Account Level, until the Max of 20, 000 is reached (if it ever get's there).
- By doing this, I would be able to do two things. One, if I don't withdraw, I won't be taking any $$$ that's not mine (again, in case ST is indeed a ponzi). Two, ... let's just say that in the near future, ST is declared clean... a non-ponzi... one hell of a revolution!!!... an Internet miracle! .. This declaration, can come in two ways. By the authorities or by plain old me :) If I see that it's a clean and well intended honest business, then I'd support it wall the way!!! :) Becuz I too am quite aware of the potential of the powers of the Internet.
At that time, my Account Level should have soared (yes, I will continue surfing). So, the amount that I can withdraw would be close to COLLOSAL!!! ... I hope :)


So, basically that's my plan. Won't say that it's the best. But at least I've made up my mind.
Something I found hard to do for almost 3/4 of my life :P

Ok. That was a really2 long post. Hope somebody read it.

I MUST STATE however that these are merely my own thoughts!
Not hard evidence of facts! They are my opinions based on my observations and evaluations of ST. And also based on my knowledge and experience and research.
I do not plan to influence anybody. Just to spill out what's inside :)

If you'd like to know more about Studio Traffic, you could visit it's website at Don't worry, this link doesn't have a referal code attached to it. So I won't get the possible 10% commision when you join and upgrade (joining alone won't give the upline anything. LOL!).

Please do comment on anything that you think is wrong in this post. For I am only human.

Okie Dokie. Teeing off. :)

Trox has left the building...


18 October 2005

White Light vs Fire? - Heavy reading ahead... LOL!

It has come to the point where the world SHOULD be a better place.

But alas, the natural process of the END OF THE WORLD is showing signs.
A better place no longer it is.
Let us not look at famine or even war...
Start by looking under our own noses.
In front of our very eyes.

People are no longer good :( Well, not all of course. But most will
get sucked into the world if in-sincerity, deceit, and forced hyppocracy (hope I
got the spelling right).

$$$, rewards, and more $$$ will drive people to their darkest depths...
Taking what's theirs and also what's not theirs...
Defending ideals that are vague...
Using sincerity as a weapon of destruction...
and people's naievity as a means of profit...

Skies the limit...
But after soaring so high, the fall to HELL's depth is a fast and sad one...

On numerous occasions, have I been sucked into this lucrative world of deceit...
Lucrative in a sense that it can bring you wealth beyond your dreams! .... But alas, it is all
like I said, based on a brightly shaded cloud of darkness....

Alas the world shall not yield any profits anymore...
For the end is near...

But not those who see the light!!!

For it will shine bright! Brighter than all that WILL be set alight!!!

The white light will overpower the yellowish flames of hell fire....

And for those who seek this path, will glide through smoothly,
looking with pity for those who have chosen the other ....

Let us all hope to be a part of the white-lighters...

- Taken from "someone's" head :D

Good and Evil - HBS

Heart, brain, spirit (HBS)

Subconsiously and synergistically, working together to form....
you... me... what and who we are.
Guided by experience of course.

I've seen this in numerous occasions... HBS guiding a person towards
greatness!!! HBS can also bring one down the path of darkness and destruction.

Nevertheless, it is we ourselves who shape our own HBSes.
Choose the right experiences (YES! This choice can be ours!!!)
And make the right choices.

And you shaping HBS, will shape a better you :)

(Sounds like words of wisdom... but its just me rambling! LOL!)



Ok. Now I'm just wondering... HOW and WHEN is Clark going to put on some glasses
to hide his true identity?

I mean... that's the whole trademark of SUPERMAN! (aside from the red and blue suit, with underwear outside... this must be some Kryptonian fashion thinggy).

Since EVERYONE knows how he looks like, I'm quite intrigued to know how the makers
are planning on pulling this off. Clark did wear glasses in season 3, if my memory serves me correctly... but that was just for a while... until the kryptonite burn to his kornea healed :P

Anywayz, I think everyone is keen on finding out... so I guess we'll just have to wait!!! :)

Oh... below are a few of some additional thoughts regarding SMALLVILLE:

i) You can go in and out of a billionaire's mansion without even arranging
an appointment (Clark maybe the exception due to his abilities :P). I'd really2 like to have a billionaire friend like Lex.

ii) Lex makes quite a lot of house calls. As a billionaire, he certainly has ample time to mingle... ex: Goes to the Kent's to tell Clark things that I think could be done thru the phone.

iii) Lana is too darn gloomy! Luckily she's cute. LOL! :P

iv) Witch craft has entered the fray. Okie... now that's fresh :|

v) One of the scenes is CLEARLY an excerpt from Terminator 3 - Rise of the Machines. LOL! (But it must be licensed I guess...)

vi) Everytime Clark does his speed running, he never runs into anything.
And the roads always seem to open up for him providing a clear path
for a quick dash of 100 miles.

vii) Superman can't see thru led. But... aren't lockers made out of led?
Or am I a confused man....

viii) Flash is faster than Superman. LOL!


that's all i guess.

Anywayz, I still love watching it. Am going thru a marathon of season 4 at the moment.
Will spoil it all for you guyz when I watch the whole thing :)


My First Post

Hello my fellow readers.

First and foremost, I'd like to thank all of you for visiting my
blog. As some of you may already know, this is not my first
attempt at a blog. One such attempt was made way back in 2004...
(ok, thats now wayyyy back... just last year)
But all ended in failure due to the overpowering-slakcer that is within

WHICH!!! By the way is the main reason why I'm RE-initiating a blogging 'career'.
To get things started. To begin publishing on the web. To begin my
observations and writing them down. To begin my evaluations and
writing them down. To begin RANTING!!! And yes... writing them down.

There's a lot of things going on in this big head of mine. And for those
of you who have seen the physical embodiment of myself, would know
of the magnitude I am talking about.

Apart from that, I would also like to practice my English writing skills :)
So I do hope that people could point out ANY error that I may committ (is this word
spelled correctly?).
I myself CONSTANTLY comment on people's errors. LOL! So I hope
that you could do the same :) For improvement lies in the realization and correction
of some sort of failure or result! (sounds like a wise-man talking there... hmmmmmm)

Ok. Enuff of the rambling.

I will start blogging. And BLOG I will.

Thank you again oh fellow friends!!!
For LIFE IS WITHIN, .... and not WITHOUT!!!
(Ok, please don't comment on that one... I know it doesn't quite make sense)