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28 February 2006

Mad about Adsense

Adsense is certainly one of the best things Google has ever invented. I mean, it gives people the chance to make $$$ wihtout even putting out a single cent! Except for Internet bills of course... which would needs paying on a monthly basis anyway. So, Adsense is good :)

For those of you who don't quite know what Adsense is all about, you could of course Google it (at Google of course. LOL!). You could even use the Google search bar at the top of my page. It's supposed to return the same results... I reckon.


For those of you who're too 'occupied' to search for the term... Adsense is basically other prople's advertisements on your website :) Let it be a blog, a personal .com website, or even on forums... you could put your Adsense anywhere on your website. It's free and if you know the tricks... you could make a whopping amount of $$$ on a regular basis. $$$ is generated, MOSTLY... when people CLICK on those ads. :) So, get people to come to yer site... and show them related Adsense :)

The good thing about Adsense is that it displays RELEVANT... yeps... RELEVANT ands on your site. The Google robots basically crawl your site, and match words here and there... these bots then figure out what your page is all about. After that, it displays the relevant advertisements.... Ads relevant to your website concept. If it's about Chicken, then probably lots of Ads about how to rare chicken, or even the deadly Bird Flu Virus cure... I dont know...

And good example is PIPOT - Runner's High :) This crazy triathlete talks about running, bicycles, shoes and other triathlon related stuff. And as you can see, the ads that come out in his site are very targeted. Today, one of his ads looked like this :)

Talked about his cycling trip... and VOILA! Ads related to bikes :) Neat aint it :)

(Oh, by the way... Adsense usually takes the form of textual ads, and usually has the title Ads by Gooooooogle. Even though there're also banners and image ads, people prefer the simple text ads. Here are other few samples.)

So boys and girls... those of you who think you've got a website with a particular concept... and haven't adopted Adsense... the DO SO! Go get it :)
But of course... your website must have traffic. If not, there's no point in Adsense. As a matter of fact, if no one's reading your site, there's no point of having a site at all! :(


You can either go to Google and register there... or you can click on the White Square button at the top-right-hand-corner of this page, and go from there :)

One thing about Adsense though... .as the owner of the site that the ads are on... you CANNOT click on those ads. Although Google wont have a sure way that you were the one who actually clicked on the ad... it ain't ethical... cuz U'd be inflicting unnecessary cost to advertisers. So, let us all be good boys and girls :) Hehehehe.

Oh.. ok... Back to the point where you cant click your own ads...
I happened to see an ad on my blog that was quite interesting. But I CANT CLICK IT!!!
ARGH!! THE AGONY!!!!... Anyway... Here's the ad... For those of you who clicked it... please do tell me about it. Hehehehe. (It's the one I Highlite below... :I)


Thankx for droppin by :)


27 February 2006

Football Boots Nonsense by trOXIon - has nothing to do with ADIDAS' TRAXION

Football boots....

All are getting wierder and wierder looking. Nicer though :)

They used to have studs... but now, it seems like the BLADE has taken over and conquered most of the market :)

KIKA was among the first to adopt blades if I'm not mistaken. Saw the advert when I was like 10 or 11. KIKA BLADES!!! ... Thought it was a loser concept... But who knew that all the other boot makers were gonna use the same thing as well... 20 years plus later... Sheesh!


The difference between blades and studs are as seen below :)

Copa Mundial... It means World Cup I reckon... 12-studs altogether. To me, it's an ageless masterpiece of boots-manship. The leather has always looked classy, with its fine, trademark stitches adorning the upper sole. The 3 white Adidas stripes used to wreak havoc upon opponents (I am talking about the little leagues when I was a kid).... for it gave out a GERMAN aura... that out about to pounce like a hungy lion onto its prey.... HUA HUA HUA!!!

Apa aku merepek ni. Anyway... As I've illustrated above... the blades, as seen on the F50+, is getting widespread popularity now. Provides better grip I suppose. And surely, would leave a gash bigger any other stud mark in the galaxy! HAH!


Ok. Now lets go there. Boots used to have this very boring look of Black. Mostly... BLACK! With dabs of other colours... But mostly... black monopolized the market. There were the occasioanl mutans... or even albinos that tried to be different and adorn other colours. But, like any other new thing... was not sought after due to being too different.

But... after countless top players converted to RED, WHITE and even GREEN boots... the masssess started to throng sports shops... asking for Ronaldo's boot, Zidane's Predator... and also Beckham's Curler!!! All of which.. had unconventional patterns and color.

Some examples...

No more boring "NOIR" ... that's supposed to mean black in another language I guess :)
Anyway... boots are getting nicer and nicer each day :) The design battle has just begun... and I just can't imagine what future designs would be like.


Well... can't do much controling that. Cuz inflation's like this one zit you cant get rid of. Keeps gettin bigger and bigger. Until one day it POPS! But that's the thing with inflation... Never seems to have a POPPING point. So.. I guess the analogy to a zit cannot be made possible.

I leave you all with my ADIDAS alligator.


26 February 2006

Nak kata sia-sia, tak la jugak... tapii....

ok :)

Yesterday also (the same day I saw the pencuri get tangkap-ed by the pulis), I saw a pharmacy that got me wondering.... "Why on earth this name????"

Pharmacies... the place where we ge medicine. Kita beli bermacam macam obat, berus gigi... cekelat pon ada. Tapi, sepatutnya, pharmacies HAVE a purpose. And they're not there just for the fun of it!

But when you are a pharmacy yang buat kerja sia sia.... baik tak payah ada pharmacy kat situ.

Tapi, this pharmacy is exceptional la kot. Sebab, walaupun ianya sia sia, namun ia ada guna. First time in my life, something yang SIA SIA akan membawa kebahagian kepada ramai menosia. Hehehehehehe.

PS:- Jgn mare pharmacy owner kalau terbaca... But come on la... can come up with a better name whatttt....

Nasib si Pencuri / Pendatang Tanpa Izin / Mamat Anonymous

Semalam, aku dan bini aku dan anak perempuan aku pergi makan ikan bakar, udang bakar, sayur bening power, ayam goreng dan sambel kicap (and of course nasik) d rumah Abang Ipar-ku, En Badarudin Mohamed @ Abang Din @ Wak Din (Pasal Jawa dia mmg buleh detect 1 mile away).

Sebelum ke sana, aku berniat utk mengisi minyak petrol di stesen minyak SHELL Jalan 6 Bdr Baru Bangi. Jadi, aku pon drive lah ke situ... Tengah2 dok drive, aku ternampak ada satu motosikal yang selamba parking di tepi jalan. Mamat tu dari jauh nampak berbaju gelap. Dah sampai dekat sikit, aku nampak BIRU gelap. Mamat tu tiba-tiba naik balik moto dia, dan macam nak park kat tempat lain. Tapi still di tepi jalan (I am talking about jalan 2-lane 2-hala tu... Mmg tak seshuai la parking kek situ).... Tengok punya tengok punya tengok.... LOR! Polisi pakkkkk. Apa ni! Mula la aku nak terpikir dan termencarut dalam hati.


Namun, secara tiba tiba... aku ternampak yang bahawa seberang jalan sana pon ada sorang lagi pulis yang tengah naik motor gak. And di antara polis A dan polis B tadi, ada sorang mamat yang tengah bawak beg. Muka mamat ni sekali tengok macam Indonesian worker, tapi aku tak sure la yang tu.

Rupa2nya polis dok kejar mamat tu. Ntah la, dia curi barang ke, dia pendatang ke, dia rompak bank ke, ataupun dia curik kasut ke (NTAH2 DIA NI CURI KASUT2 AKU!!!). Hehehe. So, sorry kepada pak polisi yg tengah park motor tepi jalan tadi tu. Tapi, walupun nak tangkap penjahat, parking tepi jalan tetap merbahaya (Plus, dia park kat sebelah KANAN jalan...).

Anywayz, aku pon teringat yg aku bawak digital kemra, jadi, aku pon berkejar ke tempat berlakunya kejar-kejar polis sentri :) Aku ternampak mamat tu dah terjatuh lepas cuba melarikan diri dari pulis. Chaitz! Tak dapat amik gambar la plak masa dia jatuh. Lambat sangat capai Digital Camera :(

Tapi takpe... aku tangkap la jugak apa yang aku dapat. Dan inilah hasil dia... :)

24 February 2006

The Coverings Beneath My Feet

Ok. The other day, like I said, some pencuriks came into the compund of my parents' house and took all our shoes :( Not all... but the valuble and critical ones.

But Alhamdulillah... as GOD has given me some extra cash, I was able to purchase myself some new pair of shoes :) ... The working shoe that I lost now has a replacement.... A brand new, dark maroon (is dat how U spell it?) POLO sheep skin pair of work shoes... Masya-Allah. Fits nicely with my two not so big feet... very2 comfortable too.

The second pair that was taken from me were my casual sandals :( Was a nice wear that one. But hey, nak buat macam mana. Dah rozqi that pencuri :) LOL!
Here's a clip from Hari Menunggu, where the sandals made their last 'blockbuster' appearance :P


The other shoe that was stolen... were my running shoes. Just bought a replacement yesterday, Alhamdulillah. But this one, is Masya-Allah lagi cantik la... (compared to the new one. But Masya-Allah also, the new one oso quite good)

kasut sukan lama ku

As for now... I will leave you with my Stapler-Slippers.

Previously it looked like this :)

Itu lah dia... kisah2 sandal dan kasut ku.


Hehehehe. Ok. That's a very lame translation in the subject line.

Anyway, just thought of promoting this book. A good read I must say. Lot's of NEW knowledge learnt! Some even say that the motivational mantras inside are comparable to Anthoy Robbins'! ... I dont know... the motivation was excellent... but to be like Tony Robbins? Hehehehe. Might be going a teeny-bit overboard... But excellent motivation nevertheless.

Anywayz, one thing I learnt from the book is that... some of the foods that we're so familiar with... are somewhat... almost NuTrItIon-LeSs!!! Let's take bread fro instance. It seems to be that... the bread that we are eating today, are actually made from refined raw material... I forget.. but the main ingredient for bread is... wheat or something rite?

Anywayz... the wheat (if that's the thing) is processed... STRIPPED of it's natural goodness (vitamins, fibre and stuff)... and then turned into flour form. After that, they spray a coat or two of.... vitamins! ... ok... You strip the wheat of the original vitamins... and then you give a sprayed version? Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I never knew thisssss!!!!

And I also learnt... that NATURAL flavouring doesn't mean that it's natural at all. Yes it's derived from natural things and beings such as fruits, veggies, and also meat. BUT!!! In the end, it goes thru a chemical process in order to make it a flavour!.... and all of this is done by a chemical guy called a FLAVOURIST!

Anywayz.... Excercise is also covered. You cant have food without excercise. If not, no balance la kot ye?

To get a glimpse of the book, you can goto Amazon lah! Here the pic... and the link oso.

LoseFat Not Faith

23 February 2006

Room A1.28 ... There the remote has gone missing...

Today, among other things, I'd like to blog about my room at the Faculty of Computer Science and Info. Technology, University Putra Malaysia :)

Ok.... So, room A1.28 is the place I come to every morning to do my work. As the title says... the remote has gone missing. It's true. I've lost the air-con remote. HAHAHAHAHA!!! ok. That's all actually about the remote.

(Reminder: Click the PICS for a bigger version)

As a tutor (NOT YET LECTURER EVEN AFTER GETTING MY MASTERS!!! DANG ST###PID NEW POLICY...) is where my students come to ask for more marks ("Sir... pleaseee la kasik saya markah kat ssoalan ni... Saya jawab dah cipi nak betul dah ni...."), this is also where I mark my exam papers, this is where I chit-chat with friends and also students and ex-students, this is where I play 'host' when ever there's a feast outside my room (due to some seminars), and this is also where I lock myself up to watch episodes of Smallville :)

Anyway... after redecorating, and taking one cabinet out (and selamba-ly just putting it somewhere out there in the corrodoors :P)... my room looks like this.

MY OFFICE... there's the whiteboard at the back and my computer on the right :)

As you can see... it's quite "spacious" :P But not complaining laaa... cuz some of my colleagues have to share... TWO to a room. Shempit la sikit... but ok la jugak cuz still got air to breathe :) ..... from the air-con :P

Before going to Monash, I too shared... Was not that good an experience, space-wise. But the company (roomate) was good though :)

Of course, because I'm working for a university, they provide me with all the necessities... a grey desk, a comfortable chair, a white board, stationary, a stainFUL-steel file cabinet (cuz it stains the floor with FERUM-3 eveytime I move it), and of course... a state-of-the-art HP COMPAQ DC7100 Windows XP workstation! YIIBAAAAA!!!!!

OH! And... a book cabinet :) Hehehe. How could I have forgotten dat one.... apa punyda akademician... kes kes kes.
More pics...

MY WIN XP HP COMPAQ ... runs like a dreammmm...


THERE's ONE MORE JUST LIKE THIS... now its outside in front of Dr Shamal's room ;]

After rearranging my room, I gave it a little Eric Chong (ke Eric Chia? forget...) casa-impian touch. Hehehe. Without the normal candles, and bed-furnishings... I had to make do with these... :) Some flowers from a wedding (or were this from my wedding.... hmmmm), a japanese fan, some stationary, blank CDs, some perfume that I rembat from my baby sis's room, a bronze turtle, and some toileteries... (you can't see them cuz their behind the fan).


I actually created a border... separating this part of the table from the rest, using that thick-black tape thinggy... :) Kind'a ok jugak la iye :P

THIS IS THE ONLY USE FOR MY STAINFUL-STEEL FILE CABINET... since I lost the key. Pssssttt... on't tell the maintenance man...

And by the way... semua CD tu not mine! Since I took over my brother's room... some of his "barang-barang masa muda" was left behind in the drawers. So... I thought... instead of letting the CD's rot, might as well bring it to de office... so that I could possibly create some noise in this normally surreal environment :)
(But the walls are kinda letting me down. They seem to be soundproof or something!!!)

Okeh... Now, how do I deal with students? ... Hmmm... As the MAIN MAN of the house... I put them in their place :) They must await whatever respond I throw at their faces in the.... juddgeeemeennnttt-chaaaiirssssss ... ok ok. I was trying to be scary and intimidating there. But since even the pics aren't that scary... these are the chairs I was talking about. Sheesh....
Yea... the TEA gave the whole horro feeling away. Yea, that's it :)


And... I also place another chair, beside the small VOMIT basket... just in case some of my wrath makes students too takut until they puke. Hehehehehe... ok ok.. Of course, that never happened before :(


Ok... What more can I put here? hmmm...

HA! Ok!

These are my shoes. Or... my ex-shoes to be exact :( Sob sob... God has taken them back :( So, I can just redha. And I think I'll also halal-kan la to that pencuri. Even tho I am pissed off becuz he took my ADIDAS shoes also... but hey... dat's life.... ... .. JAPS! That's not LIFE! That's PENCURIK GETTING AWAY WITH MY SHOES!!!!... anyway... takpe la :) Redho is the best thing to do :)



I think the blurry pics are signs la.. that the kasut is leaving me oredi. Sob sob still...

So... basically that's all my room has to offer. I can take pictures of the dust and also some of the wierd ceiling-art... but I think I'd save that for another day :)
OH! And... yes... I forgot..... I also share this room with my 'FRIENDS' :) For... what would life be... without....


Another version ... this time I try to blend in with a white t-shirt :)


Wokeh :) Thanks for dropping by to read my blabber. I will blabber some later :) So please stay tuned :)

Assalamualeykom Warohmatullaahi Wabarokatuh

20 February 2006

Global Domains International

Hmmmm.... Another MLM... Internet MLM to be exact. One that would certainly pull the dollar blinders down (almost) anyone's eyes... Except for Eddie of course. :P

Anyway... Global Domains International started out as a non-mlm or non-network marketing company... Yes... I think I read that somewhere.

Anyway, now, they've been working under the network marketing area... whereby if you get people to buy a GDI package... and manage to sustain that membership forever... you are guaranteed $1 (US) per month. If this one person get's another person, you'd get US$2. And the tale goes on 5 levels deep, whereby it's unlimited referals for each level. So, you can have 5,000 people in level 1... and 10,000 in level 2... and so on and so forth.

But the main reason I'm writing is not to promote GDI. I'm actually a bit against the whole concept... at the moment. Why?

Ok... if you join GDI, you get a package of a webspace, email addresses, and also web related stuff. This is the product. And, supposedly, you're supposed to promote this product! The web stuff. At the same time, GDI affiliates are saying that, if you help enough people to do what you're doing (which is helping other people...), you could build an income for life. Soo... many GDI-ers are actually just doing the plain old RECRUITMENT game. Supposedly there's this cool web product. But all that ever seems to happen is people recruting people.

Basically it's MLM. But naturally, there's the shadow of the PYRAMID SCAMMERS. The distinction is sometimes clear... but often blurry..... Doesn't quite make sense ya? But ... still.. that's what comes to mind when MLM is concerned.

Anywayz... GDI basically sells Dot WS websites. For instance... you can get a GDI package... and get a domain for... say... ... instead of DOT COM or DOT ORG or any other DOTs, you get (.ws) ... It;s supposed to stand for World Site or Web Site :) And it's said to be the next bset thing since DOT COM!!!!

Well... I dont know. It will be if the number of recruitments increase.... But.... That's all its gonna be. Recruits!

Not many people will be interested in actually building a website on the .ws domain name that they've purchased. (Forgot to mention, the .ws page is by default your personal promotional page unless you decide to change it). They;d be more interested in promoting the 'oppurtunity'. This ain't a good BOOM if you wanna be in the same wave lentgh with dot com's.

Anyway, this is just my point of view at the moment. I'm researching some more to see any other loop holes, or peobably oppurtunity holes that might arise. Kekekekeke.
Who knows? I might have a change of heart!

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Darn U Java!!!

Anwyayz, thanks for reading :)

19 February 2006

All me shoes are gone

Just one short note :(

Some burglar managed to run away with all my shoes (sports, work and casual).
And also my dad's shoes.
And also my wife's new sport shoes.

Lesson of the day...

Keep all yer shoes inside the house :)
If not, all these Mat Dadahs, Penyamun Tarbus and probably also Bundle Shop Owners (kekekeke)... will take your kasut!

The only memory that I have of my adidas running shoes (which cost me RM300++)....
is only this pic....


Even that one I lost!



16 February 2006

While the enthusiasm is still sky high... might as well...

While the enthusiasm is still sky high... might as well I blog :)

Actually, I'm still quite pumped from the jogging session that I had this morning.
Many might think it's just one of those normal wanna-be-thin-so-I-start-jogging routines (and end up quitting after a few weeks... urgh!)... but this morning was different. Even though in the past I would be satisfied with 9-10 laps on the 400meter track... today I made only six. Yeps... just 2.4 kilometres. But heck...
It was the best 2.4 kilometers ever :) Why? Because unlike in the past, I learnt to ENJOY the moment. I imagined myself in the running shoes of the great runner, father-of-pipot... and instead of trying to do intervals (which means varying my pace)... I just went for a constant, and not so heavy one. But it was challening anyhow... after being dormant for soo loooong :(

The only thing I have to say now is, Alhamdulillah :) That's all anyone has to say I think? Alhamdulillah means "All Praise be to Allah"... and rightly so, becuz all things can never happen without his permission and blessing :)

Same is the case for my success (I call it that anyway) in making the jog this morning. Even though it was hard to pull out of bed and leaving my precious daughter behind, I managed to overcome all obstacles (including giving the car to my wifey and then doze off into the blueee)... and... I JOGGED! HAR HAR HAR!!!

Again... Alhamdulillah :)

By the way...
These are my goals for today. I plan to post daily goals, so that I get used to the idea of goal setting. And probably make a good habit out of it (beats smoking and eating rice-fat (nasik lemak)).... CHEERS!

GOALS FOR TODAY (Thursday, 16 February, 2006)
  1. Hantar claim to Jabatan Maths, so that I could insya-Allah get extra $$$ this month to spend on my new watch. (STATUS --> PENDING)
  2. Read and UNDERSTAND about COMBINATIONAL CURCUITS so that I won't make a fool out of myself in SAK3207 tomorrow morning (STATUS --> PENDING)
  3. Hantar claim WAN AMRUL kat office. Chizzz... Anywayz, tq for de extra $ wahai Cik Wan (STATUS--> PENDING)
  4. Check email SMM_3312 AT Yahoo! so that can gove marks to students for their first assignment (STATUS --> PENDING)
  5. Go to the GYM and ENJOY ligting those steel-bars watcchama-call-it! (STATUS --> PENDING)

Ok. That's all I guess for this post. Tomorrow, I will jog some more. And set goals some more. And one day... I will me... the half-Javaneese... MILLIONAIRE!!!! ... please say Amin my friends. :)

14 February 2006

Autosurfs being investigated by the FBI

Well, it seems like the feds have fiiinaalllllyyy... caught up (or are trying to catch up) with these blood-sucking ponzis. After years and years of being around, and even after years and years of CLEARLY advertising their so called business.... finally... the FBI are doing something about it.

I just came across an article, stating that investigations are now underway for websites that're giving huge payouts to members for simply watching ads on their automatic rotators.

I'm talking about Autosurfs here (12DailyPro, Studio Traffic, Extrix Surf, and GOD KNOWS WHAT'S MORE OUT THERE).... For those of you who are in the blue of what these 'companies' offer.... Autosurfs will actually PAY you for viewing a slideshow of advertisements. Each slide (on their browser) will be displayed for (say) 20seconds... and you get paid for it :) Basically it's like that. But to get the whole picture... you might wanna do some investigation yourself. BUT DONT JOIN THEM! EVEN FOR FREEE DONT JOIN THEM! These blood suckers will have a way to entice you!!! So stray clear!


If you really2 look at it again and again and again.... they really dont have a business so to speak. They'd (Autosurfs) claim that the businness op. that they're offering is totally new and revolutionary becuz its based on the INTERNET BOOM!!!! No need to work hard anymore for cash. With the Internet, you got millions and millions of people tuned in everyday! And... out of those millions (if not billions), there's sure a buck or two to make from each of them?

Well... while the volume of Internet traffic is indeed huge... the basic way of doing BUSINESS still remains. You gotta work... and need a solid business plan. PERIOD! If you wanna do an online business? GO ahead... YES! It can make you rich faster. It can bring in the big bucks. BUT! To bring in the big bucks requires effort! Huge effort. You can't just build a website and expect people to buy from you!

Autosurfs say that... people will view their ads... BULL!!!! No one views ads on autosurfs. Or at least not seriously. They tend to advertise OTHER Autosurfs. It's like someone once said in an Internet forum:

"Autosurfs are like two McDonalds located opposite of each other. The first one is advertising the dangerous crap it's selling to the other... while the other one is doing the same thing! That, in a whole... is Autosurfs!"

Ok ok. I think I'm straying away from the topic a bit here. I am supposed to be talking about the FBI finally getting to grips with reality, and are now doing something about these ponzis. :P

Anyway... It's a good thing that they're starting the investigations. But quite a few people (in the thousands I guess?) have already been conned. Day after day after day, you can see people get sucked into the world of quick and easy richess, only to be burnt in the end :( Sad story... but for some, it's a learning experience.
For others... they treat it as a game... They know these Autosurfs are just the talk of the day.... They go in, rake in as much $$$ as possible... and then leave the naive-instant-millionaire-wannabes to dry :( Sad .... but true.

Anywayz, the report I talked about is here...

Happe reading :) Cheers!

08 February 2006

Waaa.... Pasal Alor Setar Tower sikit

Ello my dear readers. Sorry for long-time-no-blogging... just been kinda wrapped up in a few personal and not so personal things for the past week!

One of them... was going back to Alot Setaq for my fren's wedding :) Cik (now PUAN) Nor Azwani Shukri bin Jaapar.... ok... takde la bin Jaapar tu.... aku pon tak tau apa pasal aku suka bin kan orang dengan Jaapar. I have this one fren nama Farid Jaapar... tapi bukan pasal dia pon. AKu pon tak tau apa pasal I am so fixed on this Jaapar fellow. HAH! Anywayz...

What was I talking about just now?

O... ok. Ok ok... I was in Kedah to attend this wedding. Went with Pokok Sena, and had a feast :) Jumpak la ET and also Dzul.

Lepas tu, balik singgah la sat dekat itu Alor Setar tower. Eh... was it after the wedding or when ek?

Anywayz, rasa2nya not directly after the wedding la. Since Alor Setar was like SCORCHING HOT!

Went to the tower... and decided not to go up cuz the entrance fee was kinda steep. Didn't have much cash at the time. All were already allocated for pre-planned activities.

The thing 'd like to story about... is what you know...?

They have rates... rates for adults... for children and there were also other rates.

Adults were RM9... kot? And children was a lot lesser.
But tak kisah la yang tu. The thing that struck me as wierd was that... they actually had a rate
for FOREIGNERS!!!???

I mean... It's spelled out there in plain SANS-SERIF TEXT!!!


Ok, now... I don't know about you guyz, but when I read that, I thought that there's gotta be something wrong... Why put a rate for foreigners? ... Makna nya people from Thailand... Indonesdia... Vitenam... and not to mention Americans, Germans, Australians, Chezkoslovakians... English....

It's like... some sort of profiling I guess... Macam tak sesuai la pulak. Not appropriate.
What about foreign kids? Which rate will they go under? Kinda steep for a kid to be charged RM10 dont ya think :P

I think something should be done la. I also satu... Didn't open my mouth to the people who was jaga-ing the counter. But... I dont think it would have made any difference.... Lagipon... it was so damn hot! That I takut some of the counter people might just hantam me for being so observant! HAHAHA!!!

Anywayz, that's my post for today. Not to attack Kedahans... no sir-rie!!! Me myself... I have some Kedah blood in me :) Cuz got some relatives there... plus my mother is of Kedah (plus Arab according to here. kekekeke) decent :)

Ok. I leave you with the Alor Setar Tower (Got revolving restaurant also up there you know. Macam KL tower jugak la kiranya)